3 Tips for Making Money From Instagram With Social Media Expert Kishmel Eager

    Long before the internet was around, real estate was the key to making wealth; now, digital real estate is one of the fastest-growing sources of income available. Meet Kishmel Eager, Founder of ‘Entry Points Media‘ and successful entrepreneur dominating digital real estate. We sat down with Kishmel and interviewed him on his top 3 tips to make money from Instagram. 

    Quality over Quantity 

    Kishmel has been studying Instagram’s algorithm for the past year of his life, and along the way, one of the most important things he’s noticed is, the people who run successful Instagram’s understand it’s not a numbers game. The very first thing Kishmel recommends is finding your niche, deciding the niche you’re in, and building your product or service around that. 

    When it comes to building pages on Instagram, a good rule of thumb is always to make it around something you’re interested in or better yet have a good understanding of. When your page is in a saturated niche, Kishmel strongly believes you have to be unique and creative with your approach. Saturation doesn’t make a niche bad but instead opens up opportunities to bring a fresh perspective to the niche. 

    Don’t Underestimate Direct Messages 

    Once you’ve identified your target audience or built up an understanding of your ideal customer, you need to hit the ‘dms’ with your products or services. Utilizing Instagram direct messaging is the fastest and easiest way to connect with any prospect and set up meetings or close deals. Before you completely blow up their dm’s with a pitch, keep in mind you should not be ready to sell rather add value instead. No one likes to be sold, but people love getting a good value to anything you do. Once they trust your intentions, aim to get them on a phone call or video call, a much more subtle environment that will allow you to close a deal. 

    Be Patient and Consistent

    Kishmel is no stranger to patience when it comes to making money on Instagram, as a beginner you have to understand that it will take you a few months of persistence to make your first sale on Instagram for any service or product. Kishmel took close to 8 months to sell his first product on Instagram. If he had chosen to give up, he wouldn’t have been where he is today.


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