Car Maintenance: 7 Fundamentals to Know

    A car is one of the most important possessions you can own. It gets you to and from your job, essential services like the grocery store and allows you to see your friends and loved ones. A car is so essential in today’s society that taking care of it and making it last long will help you save money and do more in life. Maintenance on your vehicle doesn’t have to be anything crazy. 

    There are seven fundamentals every vehicle owner must know.

    Regular oiling

    Changing your oil regularly is the very first thing you can do to make sure your car’s engine parts are lubricated and running well. You can take your vehicle to the mechanic to do this or you can do research on it and figure out how to do it yourself. It’s not a difficult skill to learn. Regular oil changes go a long way in making sure your vehicle is running well far into the future. 

    Most mechanics will leave a sticker on your car’s windshield to tell you when you need to come back and get your oil changed again. It’s important to follow the directions on the sticker and go back to get your oil changed when you are supposed to do it.


    It might not seem like it, but cleaning your car is another great way to make sure it stays in great shape for many years to come. Keeping a clean vehicle will allow you to have peace of mind that there isn’t debris getting caught in the tires of your vehicle or underneath your vehicle. On top of that, rust will more easily build up both on the inside and outside of your car if it’s dirty. That’s why it’s important to get your car cleaned regularly or look through your car on a daily basis to see if you can clean it out.

    Car engine

    Your car engine is one of the most important pieces of your car. Without a working engine, your car is useless. The same thing goes with a dirty engine or one that is faulty. It’s important to pop the hood of your car every once in a while so you can look at the engine and make sure nothing is lodged into it. 

    If you’re unsure about how to keep your car running well for a long time. Taking your car to regular mechanic visits to get the engine checked will save you a world of money and pain. A blown engine is very expensive and will most likely not be worth it. You can be on top of this happening by checking your car engine frequently.

    Brake maintenance

    Frequent brake maintenance can not only make sure your car lasts for many years into the future, but it’ll also help stop you from getting into accidents. Brakes are your only way to stop the car so if they are faulty then you have a much higher chance of getting into an accident on the road. On top of that, it could be anything from a car insurance QLD to keeping your vehicle clean, checking brakes and everything to avoid chances of getting in a car accident.

    Tire pressure

    Tire pressure is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your car running for a long time without any problems. It’s one of the seven fundamentals because of how basic it is to do. Most cars already include sensors that tell you when your tires need air to be added.

    Going to a gas station could help you find an air pressure gauge for your tires, most times they are free or very cheap. From there, the gauge will help you find out what your air pressure is in your tires and either fill it or reduce it to put it at the optimal level of air pressure.

    Long rides

    Taking your car on long rides on the highway will help you to keep your car running at optimal performance. The vehicle was meant to be driven and the highway is a great place to do it because you won’t put a lot of wear on your breaks. Taking long drives is great for the engine and keeping your car from collecting rust and not working.

    Tire rotation

    Going to the mechanic to get your tires rotated is another simple fundamental you can do to be sure your car will last a long time and ride smooth. Rotating your tires will get you more life out of each tire. It’s also always a good idea to check your tire treads and make sure they aren’t bald.


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