5 Secrets to Finding a Job You Love

    Not happy with your job? Want to wake up and look forward to work every day? Read this for five expert secrets to finding a career you love!

    Unfortunately, too many of us suffer through decades of working at a job that we hate. This not only makes us unhappy at work, but it can also affect our personal lives.

    If you don’t feel fulfilled by the work you do every day, you can begin to have a negative outlook on life.

    But you don’t have to settle for a job that you dread going to.

    Understandably, you can’t expect to quit your job just because you don’t enjoy it. But, it may be possible to replace that job with one that you love.


    Here are five secrets to finding a job that feels made for you:

    1. Create a Stellar Resume

    Your resume is a headhunter’s first introduction to you, so it better make the right impression or you won’t even be considered for the position.

    Even if you think your resume is great, the process of rewriting your resume will remind you of your skills and interests. This can help you to discover possible jobs that you’ve overlooked in the past. 

    Suppose you’ve identified your dream position. All you need to do is reach out and get it. Will your resume help you make that happen?

    If your resume contains typos, the headhunter will think that you lack attention to detail. If it contains wordy language, it shows that you can’t be precise. Make sure your resume correctly showcases your professional personality.

    It is suggested that you write a different resume for each job for a better chance of being called in for an interview.

    If you need a refresher course on what a good resume looks like, check out this article

    2. Network Like a Pro

    The first step to landing your dream job is, of course, finding the job. Once you find the job you want, though, how do you go about landing it?

    Start making friends. No, not just any friends — begin networking with people that are already working in that field.

    Many open positions don’t even make it to job listing sites because they are filled internally before the need arises to advertise it.

    It may seem like a monumental task to start from scratch and “make friends” with the right people, but be patient and smart.

    Always be authentic, too. You won’t impress anyone with a superficial attitude. The goal is to earn these people’s trust and admiration so that you might earn a recommendation for the position.

    It can help you to learn the lingo, the company culture, and the names of the top dogs of the company. This may require lots of research, but it’ll be worth your time when it actually pays off. 

    3. Dig Deep

    You might be stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy simply because you can’t think of a job that you would consider enjoyable. Work is work, right?

    Wrong. There is a job out there that won’t even feel like work to you. In order to find the job you’d love, you need to know yourself.

    So, start asking yourself hard questions. Find out what motivates you. Identify your fears, your passions, your values, and the hobbies that you can get lost in. 

    Then, find a job that aligns with all of those things. When your career makes you feel fulfilled, you’ll wake up with a sense of purpose and accomplishment that will make your 40-hour week worth every minute.

    4. It’s All About the Environment

    Sometimes it isn’t the work itself that makes a job dreadful, but the location and environment you work in.

    Perhaps the people or company culture is too harsh. Sometimes management can make you feel very browbeaten, and you don’t feel much like trying anymore.

    This situation can be very uninspiring, and you can lose hope trying to fulfill the high expectations of your boss.

    It could be that you hate the outdoors and your job requires you to spend significant time in the hot sun or bug-ridden forests. 

    The opposite may also be true. If you spend all day in a dark cubicle, you may feel claustrophobic and lack natural light to invigorate your spirits.

    Another possible problem that you face is your work schedule. Perhaps you start so early in the morning that you struggle to get enough sleep. Maybe you work the night shift and you miss out on a lot of family time. 

    When you consider all these factors, it is possible that you already have the type of work you enjoy. Still, you may need to change some of the circumstances of your particular job.

    5. Be Flexible

    Some people never find their dream job because they aren’t willing to get out of their comfort zone or test the waters.

    You don’t know if you’d love a job unless you try it.  Don’t box yourself into one career or industry. Many people follow a career simply because their entire family has been in that industry for generations.

    It’s ok to branch out. Of course, you won’t want to try everything, but it’s important to be aware of the opportunities out there. You can discover interesting jobs by doing research. 

    Interview others about their jobs. You’ll be surprised what you learn if you stay curious and keep an open mind.

    Once you identify something that might be fun, do some research to see if the topic fits you.


    The process of finding a job you love takes time. You need to be persistent and diligent while keeping your mind open to new possibilities.

    Sure, you can keep the job you have and dread every Monday morning. Or, you can take a leap of faith and find a job you’ll look forward to.

    Jill Bowers is the property manager at Industry Columbus, a luxury apartment community in Columbus, OH.


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