Candi Wireless Phone Charger Review

    Are you looking for the perfect wireless phone charger? Then stop looking and read this article. Candi is the perfect wireless charging station you need to own. Start wireless charging now. If you are tired of tangling and hanging cables then Candi is the solution to your problem. All you need to do is simply place your phone on CANDI and it will start charging in a second. Amazing right!? Fast and Easy Wireless charging CANDI uses the Qi wireless standard, which delivers up to 10W to your phone.


    CANDI uses the Qi wireless standard, which delivers up to 10W to your phone. Close your eyes and drop you phone on CANDI and charge immediately. Stop searching or switching the cable.

    Universal compatibility with iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and iPhone X, Samsung S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 and compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphones and mobile devices.

    If your phone is not listed above, please check if your phone supports Qi, otherwise you will need to buy a separate charging cover in order to charge with CANDI.


    It has a non-slip surface and comes in three colors. Choose with eye-catching Pink, or Tiffany Blue, or cool Black. Perfect for iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It includes a Type C USB cable. There is also a blue LED at the bottom to indicate it is charging and automatically turned off after 3 minutes.

    CANDI is so light-weight, you can move around as a phone stand or plug in the cable for effortless charging at the same time.

    I love this wireless Phone Charger. It is very convenient, fast, and worth the money.

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