Better Credit, Better Life: 3 Steps To Repair Your Credit

    brianaPeople all over the world are constantly searching for ways to better their lives, not just for the present, but for the future as well. There are multiple steps you can take to secure certain aspects in your life that will ensure for a more comfortable future. But where should you start? How do you even know what steps to take and if they’re going in the right direction?

    One way to make a better life for yourself in 2016 is to build better credit for yourself. Unfortunately, many people aren’t entirely sure on how to go about doing so. First, ask yourself this: Are you determined to repair your credit in 2016? If your answer is yes, you’re already off to a great start and it only took you about three seconds.

    In 2015, I went on a reading binge to help educate myself on how I can better my life by improving my credit. One book impacted me so strongly that I was compelled to share it with you. The book I’m talking about is titled “Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life” by Arian Eghabli. Eghabli is a professional financial consultant who wrote this book with the intent of sharing credit repair secrets with those willing to learn and work for it.

    In this book, he reveals industry credit repair secrets to help you get back on track financially, yet consciously. One of the most effective ways to build better credit is to answer this next question: What does credit mean to you?

    Once you discover your answer, you begin to bridge the gap between building better credit and staying on track financially. This book acts as a credit repair kit for dummies, as it helps you understand how wealthy and upper-middle class citizens have credit at their disposal and how you can obtain that too. It offers a comprehensive repair education in a very user-friendly format while addressing core credit issues that affect people of all social classes.

    Here are some quick tips on building up your financial health in the New Year:

    1. Start small when building credit.This means having one credit card or small loan at your disposal. This will help you control your spending and keep your debt under control. You should have lenders send a report to at least three credit bureaus, including Experian, Equifax to keep your credit report up-to-date as you build credit.
    2. Pay off debts in full at the end of each month.If you cannot do that, you are living beyond your financial means and putting yourself at risk of bad credit. Remember, creditors want to see that you are financially stable and responsible with debt when using short-term loans. Prove to lenders they can trust you with money. For example, with your first credit card, try to pay on time and more than the minimum balance for 6 to 12 months and ask for a credit line increase to help build your credit. By raising your credit limit and not your debt, you will find yourself maintaining a low debt-to-credit-limit ratio to help you maintain a better credit score.
    3. Use your good credit to buy something of use to youfor years to come. Example of good credit is buying a home or car. Do not skip any payments and try to pay more than the minimum at all times. This is the best way to build your credit and improve your personal wellbeing. Learn more tips on how to build credit by reading the book “Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life.”

    If this is something that interests you, you can download “Build a Better Credit to Build a Better Life”, via Enrich Financial. With this, you will learn the basic principles of credit repair and credit improvement to help you reach your 2016 financial goals. Eghabali mentions a credit repair division of his company that helps successfully improve the credit of ordinary people and offers affordable plans to help them build better financial freedom. Start with “Build a Better Credit to Build a Better Life” to learn the truth about credit repair.


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