Best Traditional Italian Food in Staten Island, Roadhouse Restaurant Review

    New Theory visits RoadHouse, the Staten Island staple as we rank it the best traditional Italian food on the Island.

    Tom La Vecchia and Tesh Treka ventured to The Roadhouse in Staten Island to check out their tasting menu. If you’re from Staten Island, you’ve probably heard of this place. It’s been around for over 45 years, but you feel like you’re in a Manhattan steakhouse without the traffic and obnoxious prices.

    Clam Pizza

    We had to start off with the famous clam pizza. I don’t even eat clams as I probably ate about four slices although it was supposed to be a tasting menu.


    This place was featured in the New York Times as this isn’t the first press this historic restaurant has seen check out the Times Article here: RoadHouse NY Times

    Best Meatballs in New York?

    We had to order the meatballs as part of the menu as they claim to be the best in New York as per their menu. Candidly, I can tell you I ate in at least 20 Staten Island restaurants as they are the best on the Island. I also put them as one of the best in the city. They are homemade and fresh every day. I usually don’t like to order meatballs by themselves, but in this case, they were perfect as an appetizer.

    Rigatoni Bolognese

    I had high expectations as I rarely eat pasta outside the house, but made the exception when I came to the RoadHouse. It was cooked al dente perfectly without having to ask. The Bolognese had the right balance of sauce and meat which went the Rigatoni nicely. We were getting full, but I needed to be a good reviewer for New Theory, so I made sure we finished the dish.  

    Road House Drinks

    Road House has an excellent cocktail program as I decided to have an Old-Fashioned before the meal. It was made exactly how it would be done on Manhattan’s Upper East Side without having to spend $20 a glass. With dinner, we ordered a bottle of Robert Mondavi Cabernet as it complimented both the pasta and also went well with the clam pizza as it’s a lighter blend.  They have an excellent wine list with reasonable prices.

    Recommendations for RoadHouse:

    • Make Reservations, especially on Weekends
    • Get the Clam Pie no matter what
    • Great for both business and personal dinners
    • Great happy hour with drink specials

    To book a reservation for the Road House, click here and tell them New Theory sent you:


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