Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Key West

    Regardless of the location, sunsets are a stunning marvel that provides onlookers with slowly changing colours covering either landscape or water (or both). However, Key West, a small island which is part of the Florida Keys archipelago in Florida, has an excellent reputation for some of the world’s most spectacular sunsets. And there are always a plethora of onlookers keen to either view it for the first time themselves or merely avid viewers who never tire of the visual experience.

    Key West sunsets are best seen from the western, or the Gulf side of the island. So where on the Gulf side are the most advantageous viewing points to catch sunsets for yourself? 

    Here are some of the best places where you can watch a Key West sunset. 

    • Sunset Pier

    Sunset Pier is a fantastic venue to view the Key West sunset. It is located at Ocean Key Resort and Spa which boasts of a lively pier with entertainment, music and dancing as well as accessible restaurants. Sunset Pier is an excellent place where you can eat, relax and enjoy watching the sunset over the Key West Harbour.

    • Mallory Square

    For those onlookers who are keen for a more party type atmosphere when watching the sunset, Mallory Square is the place to be. It is one of the prime and most famous locations in Key West where you can watch the sunset.

    You can also join Mallory Square’s Sunset Celebration, which is a nightly festival where tourists and locals gather to watch the Key West sunset. Before sunset, there are street musicians, artists, exotic food vendors, and performers entertaining everyone and ensuring a festive and upbeat mood for all.

    • Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

    A remnant from the American Civil War, the fort at Zachary Taylor State Park was used to guard the entrance to Key West Harbour. This is another excellent place to watch the sunset because of its accessible and historic beachfront grounds.

    Remote and filled with natural beauty, Fort Zachary Taylor State Park is a picture-perfect setting where you can stay to bask in the beach and surroundings while enjoying the setting sun. Appending the attraction are various sailing vessels traversing across the setting sun. Interestingly, Fort Zachary Taylor State Park’s beachfront was recently named ‘Best Beach in Key West’.

    • Key West Custom Charter’s Sunset Sail

    A Key West sunset cruise is a terrific alternative to experience the sunset while lazing around on a roomy catamaran and listening to music. Since the cruise is happening right on the coast, most sunset viewers can observe the beauty of Key West sunsets and make memories. The Key West sunset cruise is where you can simply sit back and relax while watching the evening beauty unfold.

    • Truman Waterfront

    The Truman Waterfront has been converted into a water park, along with an amphitheatre. It is a public park, with various amenities for everyone. It is a large piece of waterfront land overlooking the western side of Key West. Everyone is free to walk along and find a comfortable spot to sit and watch the sunset.

    • Historic Seaport (“the Bight”)

    The boardwalk, which winds right around the busy ‘Bight’ area, is another location where you can enjoy spectacular sunset views. Buildings pressing the boardwalk, and boats – both large and small – moored at the pier all add to the gorgeous sunset colours that paint the sky everywhere. Walking around the busy Bight boardwalk is a joy.  There is live music and entertainment, with fresh and rustic seafood fare, all situated cosily along the waterfront. Walking around the Bight will let you have a truly memorable Key West experience.

    Key West might be small in size, but this island is large on energy and enjoyment. Not only does it offer numerous activities and delightful experiences to observe and embrace, Key West also lets you enjoy the most amazing sunsets. Whether you go on a Key West sunset cruise and view the sunset from the water, or whether you go to one of the island’s many sunset viewing spots, you will be able to view and enjoy mother nature’s early evening beauty.


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