6 Tips For Spotting Genuine Vaporizers From Faux Carts

    With vaping going through a skyscraper-rise in the number of consumers and the purchasing of said products and product-related commodities, one begs to ask the question: “How can I tell apart genuine vapes from fake ones?” While you add-to-cart this super awesome cannabis vapor, here is what our experts can tell about the said matter at hand. 

    Vape Buying Guide: Real Vs. Fake 

    1. Unlicensed 

    This is the first and chief, guide you should watch out for when scouting for authentic vape products from authentic affiliates, retailers, and sellers. It will take a bit of inquiring on your end for online shops because these may not be readily posted on hemp and hemp-related products’ websites (although if the shops you have in mind do, all the better). 

    Genuine sellers will not hesitate in providing you with information about their business and how they acquire their vapours, vaporizers, and the like. Add to this, data about their brand and business patent. 

    1. Shady Websites 

    Number two on this list has more to do with the buying platform rather than the vape product or seller. Verified vape business that operates via the web invest highly on their online channels— mainly, their websites. 

    Most hire professional SEO teams to take care of their websites’ design, ease of access (for UX or User Experience), frontend and backend optimization, content creation, etc. Legitimate businesses that advertise legitimate products tend to do so with no holds barred. They showcase their goods and services on the red carpet and under a spotlight both for enterprising purposes and because all their dealings are lawful and valid. 

    1. Questionable Ingredients And Device Materials 

    You will have to do a bit of due diligence in researching what such ingredients and materials are hazardous to one’s health. In any case, this will assure you that what you are about to purchase does NOT have “fillers” that can pose threats to your overall well-being. 

    In addition to this, legit sellers are very willing to disclose what their products are made of. A simple chat with their customer representatives (on their websites) is a convenient means of getting in touch with them and asking them about these. 

    1. Net Weight And Volume 

    Fourth, the net weight and volume of the vape product should have its specifications mentioned. Unlicensed sellers are often deceitful with regards to this. Both net weight and volume are telling the genuineness of a product because you can easily compare said variables with that of other sellers. Less of these two may equate to the presence of “fillers”. 

    1. Warnings 

    Licensed sellers and shops list warnings in relation to vape and cannabis products. You can look for these at the bottom of the home page of their websites or on the boxes (photos) of their products. 

    These can range from warnings about usage only for those who are not minors, notes about how the sellers may not be the manufacturers themselves, privacy policies, etc. 

    1. Shipping, Return, And/Or Refund 

    Finally, a legit online shop for vaporizers have their policies regarding shipping, returns, and refunds stated clearly. Such sellers aren’t out just to gain profit. They want to retain customer loyalty through good customer experiences. 

    Therefore, they will be transparent about said rules and will be amiable in the event that returns and refunds are requested, granted that the customer’s reasons are valid. 


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