How to Choose an Office Chair

    Apart from our home and the time spent commuting to our workplace, the other place many of us spend a lot of time in is the office (unless we are lucky enough to work from home) we work in. Depending on our timings, we normally spend around 8 to 10 hours every day in our office, sitting in one place and efficiently discharging our duties.

    While this seems like a very comfortable and easy thing to do, compared to working inside factories or in the field, it is not as easy as it seems. Sitting in one place, on one chair for long durations can be equally tiring and painful unless one is well experienced in the art of how to choose an office chair. 

    Chairthrone recommends that buying an office chair you need to consider a chair that offers a better posture while working and is also comfortable enough to sit on for long durations.

    Why is a good office chair important?

    Office chairs are something that we spend many hours sitting on, during our daily routine in the office, but have we ever thought about the effects it has on our body and especially on our back, due to the strain and pressure of bending and flexing, while sitting in one place with no additional movement.

    A chair that is not flexible and does not align with our body’s posture may be the reason for the sudden spurts of back pain you have been facing recently. While taking a break between work is very good and so is adequate exercise, in the end, what really matters is how well your chair supports your entire body and spine. 

    Any unnecessary pressure on them could lead to long term health problems. Apart from the health benefits, a good office chair also helps boost productivity. An uncomfortable chair can lead to you constantly moving around your chair for a better sitting position, leading to a lack of concentration in your work and frequent breaks due to the pain.

    A chair that has been ergonomically designed easily adjusts to your back’s curvature and makes sitting on it pleasant even for long periods, leading to a better productive day at the office.

    When should one consider changing an office chair?

    While the obvious answer is when it breaks down and is no longer repairable, replacing chairs on a one-on basis is not an ideal solution. Your office may end up having a collection of chairs with different shapes, sizes, and colors as the same models may not be available always.

    Do change your chairs when they get worn out and are not aesthetic looking any longer, since it may create an unfavorable impression on your employees and business visitors. A good moment to replace your chairs is also when you are considering the renovation of your office or relocating your office to a new place.

    Plan and replace all your chairs at one time every couple of years, so that there is a uniform look in your entire office. Another advantage of buying chairs in bulk is that you could also get a quantity discount from the manufacturer.

    How to choose an office chair?

    Apart from being flexible, a good office chair also needs to adequately support our body’s weight and evenly distribute the weight, through the entire chair so that you have better mobility and balance while sitting on the chair. Here are a few factors that you should look out for while buying an office chair for yourself and the other people in your office. 

    • The Design

    While having a good looking chair, that matches the decor of your office is very important, one also needs to check if the chair has been ergonomically designed to give your back and body the support it needs, for sitting on it comfortably for long hours. 

    Most of the branded manufacturers offer chairs that have been designed with this as the prime consideration and have a full back contoured design that offers maximum support to your spine and back when you sit in a 90-degrees position on it while working.

    • Easily Adjustable 

    Not all of us have the same height, so the chair height should be easily adjustable to offer us a comfortable sitting position easily. The chair should ideally have a lever that one needs to press for the height of the chair to increase or decrease as required. 

    Your chair should also be easy to swivel and tilt, while sitting without you needing to get down from it, to adjust the same.

    The ideal height of your chair should be such that your eyes are in level with the screen of the computer or laptop you are using, without you needing to stretch your neck or bend your body while working. 

    • The Material 

    One of the foremost things, you should look out for if you are looking for a chair that you would like to use for a couple of years. While the construction and build of the chair should be of high-quality material, so should be the material of the seat of the chair.

    A chair that is made of good quality material will have equally impressive looks that will be appreciated by all the people who visit your office. The fabric on the chair should be of breathable quality and allow proper air ventilation so that you don’t feel hot and uncomfortable while sitting on it for extended periods.

    When it comes to choosing a good quality chair, the durability of the chair and the material it has been constructed from should take precedence over its looks, as office chairs are not something you would like to replace too often or have them breaking down due to poor quality.

    • The Armrests

    This is an important consideration and a mandatory requirement for all office chairs, as one needs armrests to rest their hands while working for long periods at one time. Good armrests also reduce the strain on your shoulders and neck while working. Like the chair, the armrests too should be easily adjustable as per your requirements.

    • The Wheels

    Moving an office chair can be both tiring and damaging to your floor, as it may cause scratches on the floor when you pull it. While working at your desk, you may also need to move to other desks to access some papers and important documents. 

    In both these scenarios, a chair with wheels is the ideal solution and also the most comfortable one. A chair with wheels gives you flexibility and mobility, to easily move across desks and work more efficiently without wasting time in moving chairs manually.

    • The Price

    All things being equal, the price of the chair should be your main decisive point and the factor that you should consider carefully while selecting an office chair. While branded chairs may be a bit more expensive than others, the difference is adequately covered by the quality of their chairs and their post-sales service.

    If one is considering the replacement of all the chairs in the office at the same time, then getting a quote from different vendors based on different brands with the same specifications, would be the best way to go about in choosing the best office chair for you and your office.

    Get the best office chair and enjoy a more productive and healthier office environment

    Given the importance of a good office chair in boosting your productivity and also helping you lead a pain-free life, one should get a new chair to replace your existing worn-out chair as soon as possible. 

    Replacing your chair is not just about its looks or matching the decor of your office, but more about being efficient at work and sitting comfortably for long hours altogether. 

    The above factors and considerations will guide you on how to choose an office chair that is best suited for you, and the different elements you should consider while buying one. No matter which model you select and how it looks, make sure that it offers the best maximum support for your back and is easily adjustable for your comfort. 


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