Best Makeup for Women with Olive Skin Tones

     So, you decided to select the right makeup for your olive skin? Well, your first selection was the new foundation. When you applied it, you felt like going back to the hair salon and get a refund of your money because the look wasn’t what you were expecting. You decided to get something warm, but then again, things moved from worse to worst. Clearly, what you should know is that neither of those two foundations was right for your skin tone. So what? 

    That implies your skin tone is in between. If your skin tone is a combination of brown and green tinge; we say that you have an olive skin tone. The green tinge in the skin, when blended with brown or red hues, gives a look of an olive skin tone.

    • What Is an Ideal Makeup for Olive Skin Tone?

    The type of make you want to use for your skin will depend upon you. However, we have compiled come makeup ideas to help you match your gorgeous skin tone.

    • Foundation.

    Women with olive skin tone are considered blessed since their skin glows but doesn’t change to red. That is a great benefit since you will not need to use a lot of conceals. All you should do is choose the best foundation, and you are ready to rock your beautiful skin. When choosing foundations, opt for the neutral ones which are best for your skin type.

    Nevertheless, you can still try the cool and warm ones. At the end of the day, it is all about getting a foundation that will rock your skin colour, so it is best to try various of them and see the one that works best for you.

    • Blushes to Use for Your Olive Skin.

    You should not go for any colour especially when dealing with olive skin. For this type of skin, it is recommended you choose blushes that are pink or peach. Besides, you can also choose bronze. Slight glitter can be perfect as a highlighter and a blush. 

    • Best Eyeshadows.

    When it comes to choosing the right eyeshadow for your beautiful olive skin tone, bronze and gold are the best shade to opt for. We recommend you opt for the naked pallet or nude palette since they contain a significant proportion of such colours.

    These two products will give you the best results and probably they will be your best selection when you are in a hurry and don’t have time for makeup. However, if you need to take the makeup to the next level, you can opt for deep purples and blues or shimmery emerald green. You may also want to consider black smokey eyes.

    • Best Lipstick.

    When it comes to lipstick colours for women with olive skin, there is so much in store that you cannot try it all. From bright oranges to light nudes to purples, you have a large pool of colours to choose from. Just be ready to experiment with several of them and see which ones fit you best. 

    Most ladies don’t like nude colours. The reason is that this makeup doesn’t match well with women with deep skin tones. So, it doesn’t look so attractive on them especially on their dark lips which women with olive skin have.

    • Best Highlighter and Contour.

    What about contouring and highlighting? Most women think this is impossible. However, that is not the case. Ensure you have the right colour to use. So, try to choose a highlighter that is not so much pale; otherwise, it will appear too plastic. So, choose light highlighter for your skin tone, so it doesn’t appear as if it was overdone. 

    And for contouring, we recommend matte bronzer, but be warned against using it for warming up your face because you have already applied beautiful caramel shade.

    Now that you have everything you need for your olive skin makeup go ahead and experiment and choose what makes you happy. It all depends on you.


    • Joselin Estevez

      Social Media Director

      Social Media Director at X Factor Media

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