Auraiha Skin Care Review

    Auraiha is a natural cosmetics skin care brand that has three pillars that guides them in everything they do. Clean beauty, their products are free from any harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, and synthetic fragrances. They DO NOT test their products on animals. Cultivating a brand filled with high quality clean products is their number one priority. Community & wellness, cultivating a healthy community is an essential aspect of their brand, one that we hope to bring to their consumers and the broader beauty industry as a whole. As a community wellness brand, auraïha is adamant in supporting their customers’ wellness journeys. Sustainability & Eco-friendliness, as a clean beauty company, auraïha promises to provide environmentally conscientious packaging for their customers throughout every step of their supply chain. They fulfill that promise to their customers and our environment by ensuring that all packaging materials are recycled, reusable, or zero waste, and committing to a sophisticated de-inking process for corrugated surfaces. Their labeling ink is non-toxic and water-based, and adhesives such as tape are biodegradable. I received the glass face and naturally luminous bundle. Let’s start by saying the packaging is honestly so beautiful. The tea green and baby blue packaging boxes are so pretty and look so clean and sophisticated. The products themselves come in glass bottles that also have the labeling in the colors of the packaging boxes. With these two items you will achieve your 5 minute face routine made with all clean ingredients. The glass face brightening serum is a nutrient-packed superfood serum for a glass-like finish. This is a very nice serum that leaves your face feeling and looking its best. I saw the results right away after applying it. I had a beautiful glow and most importantly my skin felt hydrated and renewed.

    The naturally luminous – mist set and spray is a fine mist for long term hydration. This face mist is used under or over makeup, a natural, plant-derived mixture addressing short and long-term skin hydration. While aiming for a high level of hydration in the outer layers of the skin. You will love this spray and it is the perfect combo with the brightening serum. A powerful blend of papaya, witch hazel, hydrating elixir, and betaine that locks in moisture, enhancing your natural glow. You can spray this on your face, neck, and chest area. 

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