Amanda Signorelli Quickly Makes Techweek the Hottest Conference Outside of Silicon Valley

    New Theory met with Amanda Signorelli, the CEO of Techweek as we met her at the tail end of the NYC meeting.

    New Theory has been covering Techweek NYC for over 3 years as its exciting to see how this up and coming conference has been developing from both a tech observer and investor standpoint as their new CEO is taking it in a brand new direction.  Although the parties were fun Amanda recognized that good show attracts crowds, she is now focusing on content and profitability.  The Techweek NYC meeting had a strong buzz to it as I stayed for cocktails (thanks Amanda for keeping the cocktails) as the networking was great as there were a lot key players from different disciplines.

    Check out this great interview with Amanda Signorelli, CEO of Techweek:

    To learn more about Techweek, go to:


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