Advice On How to Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Home

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    We all are familiar with the feeling of opening a bill and witnessing the shocking numbers that were never supposed to be there. Sometimes we even get used to paying them without even thinking for a moment that the utility cost of your home exceeds rationality. It is estimated that 40% of the total energy produced in all homes in the USA alone gets wasted through poor energy efficiency. The real numbers for the whole planet are unknown, but with a clever investment and a bit of work you can not only decrease your utility cost at the end of the month but save all the hard earned money for something more enjoyable. Let’s take a brief look at some tips that can help you even today.

    Start with Windows and Go for Isolation

    If there is a single factor that is decisive when it comes to building or reforming homes, it would be to make them as energy efficient as possible. Starting from the proper front door window repair and a possibility to install your own energy source via solar panels, there are many ways to cut your bills by double. Nothing screams in the language of today’s world of architecture and design like the trends of preserving 99% of energy efficiency at all cost.

    If your house has old insulation, then the replacement might be the best investment that you can start saving for and avoid unnecessary energy losses with proper insulation of the entire house forever. Ceilings are usually the main sources of energy loss. Therefore, it is essential to increase its isolation. You also have to take into account the facades, the thermal bridges and of course, the windows. National Energy Administration estimated in 2008 that staggering 40% of all energy losses go through poor window installations in homes of America.

    If you still have the traditional wooden window frames, then it might be a good idea to start with a replacement for a PVC one right away and prepare to be amazed by the first heating bill. But still, for any good plan on a major cut for overall utility cost, the key target should be thermal insulation. The key is in saving and not producing energy that isn’t going to be used anyway. If possible, use a ceiling fan rather than an air conditioner, since the energy saving is sometimes three times higher.

    Otherwise, deactivate the heating in rooms or parts of your household that no one ever visits. The use of awnings, curtains or blinds favor ventilation and prevent the passage of light in the hottest hours. In this sense, it is also convenient to ventilate the house in the warmest hours. And finally, another “thermal” advice would be to have a temperature between 25-26 degrees inside the home or not exceed 12 degrees of difference from the outside to have optimal energy conditions. Keep that in mind next time you turn on air conditioning on a very hot day.

    And when the summer comes one of the most prized assets and used to quell summer high temperatures deserves special mention. The use of hot water is one of the greatest examples of energy expenditure. Therefore, one of the tips would be to use as much cold water as possible. Shorter showers are recommended, close the taps at all breaks and make sure that it is completely closed.

    As for the end, when you think that you have done all that is in your power to make your house more energy efficient with the money you have then consider planting a tree. It is above all a noble act. Something that will pass on new generations and also if positioned well it can provide your house with natural shade and a nice breeze every morning.


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