3 Ways to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

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    The internet has been around for a while now, and because of its many benefits, people are using it now on a daily basis for a large number of tasks. This invention changed the way people live, making everybody’s lives easier.

    Because of the large number of internet users, business owners have a lot of opportunities to grow their business. By being online and having a website, businesses can set up a communication line that could bring them new clients constantly, in an organic manner.

    However, in the last few years, more people than ever started using mobile phones to access the internet. The number is only going to grow in the following years because of the improvements present in these smartphones. Because of that, owning a regular website is not going to be enough.

    In this mobile age, business owners need to own a website that is mobile-friendly, allowing mobile users to have a great browsing experience. With that in mind, we prepared a list with a few ways that can make your website more mobile-friendly.

    Create a Mobile Version

    When trying to optimize your website for a mobile setup, it is more than often difficult to find the perfect way to do it, without changing the aspect of the desktop version too much.

    Because of that, business owners often decide to create a completely different version of their website, for mobile. This way, when somebody accesses the site from a phone, the user will get automatically redirected to the mobile version.

    This is not the easiest way to make your website mobile friendly since it requires a bit more work but, it is surely the most effective one. Moreover, you could decide to convert website to mobile app if you want to have the best mobile-friendly version of your website.

    Use a Responsive Theme

    If you’re using a CMS that allows it, utilizing a responsive theme to build your website could prove to be the easiest way to build a mobile-friendly website. Usually, these kinds of themes come fully optimized for the mobile medium, speeding up the process of website creation.

    These themes are perfect if you want to create a website for a smaller business or a personal project and you don’t have a lot of money to pour into website development. You could even build it yourself.

    Use Plugins

    If you’re using a CMS like WordPress, which is the most popular platform for website creation, then you will have access to a large number of plugins that can enhance the mobile-friendliness of your website. The list of plugins, both free but also paid, that could improve your site is endless.

    Besides plugins that directly optimize your site, you can also use various website builders to customize your site better for a phone. Some themes already come with their specially tailored builders.


    In this mobile age that we’re in, having a website that is fully mobile friendly is essential for any business that desires to grow their client base. Taking into consideration the huge number of people that are using a smartphone as their main device today, the lack of a mobile-friendly version of your website will only result in a lot of missed opportunities.

    Taking advantage of the methods mentioned above will surely allow you to transform your website and fully optimize it for the mobile medium.


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