Adelheid Waumboldt: Global Entrepreneur, Founder of ISET Agency; Overall BADASS

    We sit down with Heidi Waumboldt, founder of ISET Agency and mother of “self-described rocket scientist” to discuss her unique position in the art world and how she manages success on so many levels.

    Can you tell us how you were introduced to the art world?

    I arrived in the art world after following a path less traveled, through the crude oil industry and private investment sectors. I found during my time on Wall Street that the big players in the world markets took their relaxation and surplus of cash to the art markets where they found serenity from the hustle and bustle of global turmoil. As a woman familiar with big business, I felt moving towards the art world where I was already familiar with much of the clientele was an obvious choice. The players are the same. The game is relatively the same. The scenery is better.   

    Why did you start ISET?

    ISET is an ancient Egyptian term for “she of the throne,” which is a very fitting name for a female-led agency specializing in business development.  I formally introduced ISET after spending many years assisting HNW friends seeking opportunities to develop existing and new business as well as helping artists and entertainers flourish in the extremely difficult to navigate genres in which they operated. ISET Agency is an “end-result” of work I had been building for years.

    What sets ISET apart from other agencies?

    ISET Agency is very unique in that we have no limits. For any funded project or idea, we have a solution. For any unfunded idea, we can create a path to success. Alongside with my partner, Rachel Dares of Rachel Dares PR, we know how to monetize dreams. 

    Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

    My son is my inspiration. He is a five year old self-described rocket scientist who tries to explain electro-magnetism to me at the breakfast table. I am paving a path for a much better version of myself.

    How do you think art benefits the world?

    Art benefits the world in that it records history in a beautiful way which is relatable to every individual. While we may speak different languages, the emotion evoked from looking at any given piece of art is universal. 

    What new projects are you working on?

    It wouldn’t be possible to list all the projects that I’m working on but while I am in the process of helping many entrepreneurs develop their businesses, I also serve as the VP of Business Development of D2D TV Network which is based in Washington, D.C. We are sponsoring an upcoming boxing match for Ron “the American Dream” Johnson in Las Vegas on October 20th, and I hope to see you all there. Additionally, I have recently partnered with a 10,000 piece contemporary Italian art collection; conceived the “How to Be Smooth” campaign alongside my partner Rachel Dares featuring 2x Grammy winner Jerry Bell, and am working on the first edition of my passion project – a mystic newspaper entitled “The All Seeing Eye,” with Sabrina Zeba Frank.  If you are looking to delight your senses, check out Nova Gholar and his latest album “The Preacher’s Kid.” 

    For more information on Adelheid Waumboldt, visit her website at


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