A Picky Eater’s Guide: How to Order at a Sushi Restaurant

    Sushi Set rolls on bamboo green leaf on gray stone slate plate board

    Sushi chef’s who have mastered the art of sculpting artistic rolls of sushi have an incredible talent. The precision with which the fish is sliced and fused together with a number of other savory ingredients is like watching a one-of-a-kind performance. Despite the artistry that goes into crafting sushi rolls, many people still find themselves cringing at the thought of consuming raw fish.

    Whether it’s the texture or the ‘fishy’ taste that has you walking quickly in the other direction, a trip to a Japanese restaurant doesn’t mean you’re stranded on an island that only serves sushi. In fact, many picky eaters have shied away from Japanese restaurants, unaware that there are plenty of other delicious cuisines waiting to be devoured. If you’re not into maki rolls or sashimi, here’s a look at several other dishes you can order the next time your friends or family are set on having Japanese food.


    The perfect comfort food to delight taste buds on a chilly night, oden is stewed in a soy-infused dashi broth. Typical ingredients found inside are shirataki (thin, gelatinous noodles), fishcakes, daikon, boiled eggs, tofu, and if desired, some kind of protein. While the contents may differ slightly from restaurant to restaurant, this dish will not disappoint – and you can find relatively tasty versions of it in convenience stores to satisfy your cravings.


    Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle that can be served stir-fried, cold with an accompanying sauce, or in a heated broth prepared from soy sauce, dashi, or mirin. There are a lot of additives that can be incorporated into this dish – from shrimp tempura and tofu to vegetables – to satisfy whatever you have your heart set on that day.


    These tender strips of beef are sliced thin and prepared with soy sauce, sugar, and vegetables. This addictive dish is cooked in an iron pot and is the perfect way to show your tummy some love after a stressful week at work.


    If you spend any time on social media, then there’s no doubt you’ve encountered a ton of posts and pictures praising this popular noodle soup. Traditionally served with pork, bean sprouts, seaweed, boiled egg, and scallions in a meat or miso-based broth, Ramen comes in a variety of styles and is becoming more and more mainstream with each passing day.


    For a simple, yet savory dish, look no further than onigiri, triangular-shaped rice balls that are dressed in seaweed. You can elect to eat them plain or customize them to satisfy your cravings by adding ingredients like braised pork, salted salmon, fried chicken, or pickled plum. They can be shared with friends as an appetizer or eaten on-the-go as a tasty snack to get you through the afternoon. The next time you’re looking for a new Sushi restaurant or just looking for things to do in The Colony Texas, checkout URBAN8 and be ready for surprises.


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