A few things to consider before traveling to Canada

    Places to Visit in Canada

    Canada is a country known for its wide variety of attractions, customs, traditions and culture. Currently, it has become one of the most visited destinations at any time of the year by tourists from around the world, both for work or study, or simply for vacation.

    Here are a few tips that will allow you to make the most of your trip and live a unique experience knowing this country.

    1. Documentation.

    The main documents that you must have at the time of your trip are:

    – Your valid passport

    – The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), which is a permit to visit the country with a validity of five years and with which you can be in Canada for six months. Get more info by visiting electronicvisa24.com.

    – Your plane ticket or boarding pass.
    – And if you are a minor and travel alone, you must present a letter signed by your parents authorizing you to travel to Canada.

    2. Currency exchange

    The official currency is the Canadian dollar and, in rural areas, card payment is not common, so it is recommended to change your currency before arriving in Canada. In the cities, you can pay with Visa and MasterCard credit cards, but the best thing is that before traveling you request with your bank the use of these abroad.

    3. Clothing according to the time of the trip

    Canada in general is a very cold place, however, when it is summer it can have a warm climate depending on the area in which it is visited. The most advisable during this time is to wear shorts, denim pants and some warm enough jacket as well as a pair of tennis shoes or boots because there are routes in some mountainous areas where the heat does not feel so much. In winter, it is best to wear thermal clothing such as shirts, pants, jackets, gloves and caps of the same material, as well as special snow boots.

    4. Accommodation and lodging

    Despite the existence of all types of hotels and forms of lodging such as hostels, apartments, cabins, etc. It is best to choose the one that goes according to the needs of your trip, whether for business, vacations or any other reason. There are places that are cheap and others that are higher in price; The best thing is that you book early and organize with your budget.

    5. Public transport

    In most of Canada there are three means of public transport that are: the subway, the bus and the tram, however, in all three it is very common to find delays or interruptions of service, so if you want to arrive somewhere early or you go to an important appointment using any of these means, remember to leave early and not be late.

    6. Electricity

    The plugs that are mostly used in Canada are like the ones with two flat pins, however in some places or areas they are type B, which are circular and have three pins; If you do not have an adapter, you can get it in most electronic stores or supermarkets.


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