5 Planning Tips for Traveling to Canada

    Are you planning a trip and considering Canada as your destination? Know that if you choose it you will find a beautiful, organized, modern, safe and state-of-the-art country. Not to mention the numerous attractions, sights, great food, shopping centers and lively mega nightlife that it features. Knowing all this, or much of it, you can’t help falling in love with the country. But, as every trip requires planning and is always good to save, we have prepared some tips for you to better plan your trip to Canada to enjoy your stay without any worry.

    1. Tips for saving

    This part is one of the most important. Canada is a great place to shop, and because the Canadian dollar is often cheaper than the US dollar, you can make incredible purchases at even better prices. So there’s nothing like saving on tours, car rentals, travel insurance, airline tickets, lodging and currency exchange for you to buy even more or just spend less. 

    1. Getting around tips

    Car hire in Canada is very common because the tourist cities are nearby and the road travel there is amazing. The Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec sections, for example, you can know quietly by car. To get an idea, a drive from Toronto to Ottawa takes 4 hours, a trip from Ottawa to Montreal takes 2 hours and a trip from Montreal to Quebec takes 2h30. One of the sites we recommend for car rental is Canada Car Rental Comparator, which is the world’s largest comparator, with strong partnerships with car rental companies and sensational prices. 

    1. Tips for choosing hosting

    Lodging is so essential in a trip that we highlight a paragraph just for it. It is ideal to see the location and comments of people who have already stayed at this place when you choose your hotel. Not to mention the prices, which should also be in your pocket. A great tip for finding great hotels at great prices is to use Airbnb.

    1. Travel insurance tips

    Travel insurance is very important. With it you will have a much smoother ride and be covered in any unforeseen events that can happen in Canada – even more so in Canada which is very cold in winter and cold that we are not used to. International insurance includes medical assistance, life insurance, flight cancellations, travel assistance, legal assistance and even reimbursement for lost luggage or theft. Insurance values ​​vary, but are not usually very expensive. 

    1. Airfare Tips

    One of the most expensive items of a trip is the airfare. But the good news is that airline and flight options to Canada are huge, and always have special deals and prices. We point you to a site, the Expedia, where prices are great. Just enter the destination and the number of days that will be there, it will find the cheapest air tickets on every day of the coming months, and show everything on a calendar that you can see which days with the air tickets. But don’t forget your visa. We recommend you to click on canada-eta-visa.com.


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