The Best Cases To Consider For Your New iPhone 11

    Finally, Apple recently launched its new smartphones- the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11 pro. The new improvements in lenses and battery life are just amazing. You can understand why the asking price between the least expensive series to the highest ranges between $700 – $ 1000.

    This makes it an investment that needs to be protected, and you should, therefore, consider buying a case for your new smartphone. There is a variety of cases to choose from, and picking one that suits all your needs can be difficult. And because they are not as costly as replacing your new iPhone 11, you can buy as many as you want.

    Amongst the greatest reasons why you need a case for your smartphone are-


    Such an expensive acquisition needs to be protected to serve you longer than ordinary smartphones would. Scratches on your new phone may make it lose its striking appeal fast and lose value.

    Good cases offer safety when your phone gets dropped because they have anti-shock properties that tend to distribute the impact from a fall.

    New case designs are also waterproof and dustproof, making your phone able to sustain harsh environments. The waterproof feature allows you to take underwater photos for periods longer than 40 minutes and up to depths of 100 feet and still maintain your full touch screen needs. 

    Resale Value

    Cases ensure that your phone maintains its aesthetic value; therefore, you can easily sell it at a good price in case you need to upgrade to a better phone. 

    The best iPhone 11 case can only do so much. Some designs include grips that can be used as handles when taking photos. Grips are attached at the back of your case. 

    Consider the Following Case Designs for Your New iPhone 11


    • Evo Check


    This is specially designed for fumblers who can drop the phone at any time. No one can determine when your phone will first fall and the impact it will have. The Evo check gives protection for up to 12 feet because it has a special material that absorbs the impact of the fall and deflects it away leaving your phone intact.

    The case has special antimicrobial properties embedded as well to give you protection from bacteria. It comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes for all iPhone 11 series.


    • The Altra Case that comes with detachable straps


    This is a new concept of a hardy case shell with straps to provide additional safety when your hands are full. It comes accompanied with a cross-body strap as to secure your phone, making sure it is with you at all times. 


    • Oxford Eco iPhone 11 Folio


    This is made from recycled plastic and offers protection from drops of 13 feet. It is also made from the material used in the helmets of American football athletes. This simple design case has a built-in stand to use your phone as TV for watching movies. 


    • Limitless 3.0 by Mous 


    It has a score of tiny air pockets with material that works like springs to help absorb the energy of impacts then dispersing it. They are quite stylish and come in wooden and leather finishes.


    • Blake luxury leather iPhone case


    It is an expensive leather case that has a soft lining. The exterior has a carbon fiber lining that protects your iPhone 11 from accidental drops. This case is a product of the luxury leather manufacturers Greenwich and comes in a variety of leather shades that accentuates the way your phone looks.


    • Presidio Clear iPhone 11 cases


    This ensures that you show off the beauty of your new smartphone while protecting it in a thin layer of a clear case. The case gives a 13 feet drop protection and has a special speck that prevents the case from ever decolorizing. 

    Special mention

    Glass Elite Privacy

    Though not a case but a screen protector, it will shield your phone from cracks and scratches. This special glass protector also has a safety feature that keeps away prying eyes. It has a two-way filter that prevents viewing from anyone trying to view from the sides. 

    Getting the best case for your iPhone depends on your tastes and preference. You can have a case customized to your specific needs.


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