8 Signs You and Your Dog Are BFFAEAEAE!


    #8 We Never, Ever, Leave Each Other Alone

    With your best pal by your side, you never feel alone. It is clear you two go beyond enjoying each other’s company. You are inseparable with your pet. Traveling, vacations, and night’s out revolve around how much time you will be a part and you gladly run quick changing yellow lights for the chance to get home from work sooner to hang out with your buddy. You should name your dog Shadow, but be careful not to step on his/her paws!

    #7 Performs Heroic Gestures 

    Your canine is more than a companion, they are your guardian. Sometimes your dog seems to display possessive or jealous instincts. This is simply their way of protecting you from the unknown of any outsider or circumstance that is unfamiliar. Your dog may take lead, bark, and be ready to fight for your honor at the drop of a biscuit.

    #6 We Share Meals

    Feeding time marks the moment when your dog eyeballs your every bite. They may have finished their bowl too quickly while you are still mid-chew of the first fork full. Your dog just gives you those puppy eyes and it’s over. You cave and break off small pieces of whatever human treats you are scarfing down!  No matter what sizable breed your dog may be, that face works 100% percent of the time. You are forced to then share, bite for bite with your friend.

    #5 We Read Each Other With a Look

    You two weirdos have developed your own secret language at this point. Certain looks and gestures trigger various forms of communication in a pattern subconsciously designed by your exclusive connection with one another. A whimper, a face, gazing eyes, body language are all part of a special party in which you two were the only invites.

    #4 We are Never Too Shy to Make a Fuss

    Whether it is whipping a tail in circles like a propeller or something your dog does to show signs of displeasure (Hope you picked up on the joke there.) You and your dog are both never shy about expressing your emotions. Excitement is a key ingredient to our affections for one another and emotional stability.

    #3 We Respect Each Other’s  Sleep

    You and your dog allow each other beauty rest. Whether it is a little TLC together, or individual “cat naps”, you and your dog have a rhythm. Rest, relaxation, and respect.

    #2 We Keep Each Other Warm in the Winter and Play in the Summer

    We cuddle in the winter when we keep cozy in doors. It saves you on the heating bill. But once the first strong warm front hits, you beach it, go for runs, dog parks, yappy hours, and check out the social scene like a true wolf pack looking for a good time!

    #1 You Take Your Pup to Maximum k9 Service


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