7 Tips for Storing Your Medical Cannabis

    You’ve finally mustered up the courage and bought your first-ever marijuana strains from an online dispensary, smoked it, and now what? Those marijuana strains don’t store themselves, mind you.

    These animate plants have essential oils called terpenes which are responsible for enhancing that “high” you get from smoking cannabis. Not to mention the medical benefits they deliver! But as with any other natural oils from plants and trees, these oils are very prone to certain temperature and humidity conditions.

    In addition, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive element found in cannabis transforms into CBN (cannabinol), eliminating much of the psychoactive component – making the strain less potent. I’m sure this is the last thing you want to happen!

    Without further ado, storing your stash properly will maintain its efficacy. So if you want to make the most out of your cannabis flowers, here are the top 7 great tips in making sure your cannabis will be there when you need it – fresh and highly potent.


    • Store in Proper Temperatures


    The biggest misconception about storing marijuana is to put it in plastic bags and freeze it. I don’t even know how and when this came about. But these methods damage your flowers instantaneously!

    First off, heat will deplete moisture from your cannabis and this leads to the flowers becoming brittle and rougher to smoke. On the contrary, too much moisture or cold will also invite a nesting for bacteria.

    The recommended temperature for storing is above 40 degrees and below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


    • Avoid Heat


    Never store your cannabis in direct sunlight. The only time plants will probably need sunlight is for photosynthesis and we all know that’s not covered in this article.

    Take a closer look at your marijuana flower, you see those little shiny and sticky crystals protruding on the leaves? Those are called trichomes and they are responsible for propagating terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids; the essential components that make our favorite strains highly effective. In short, light harms and eliminates the trichomes from the flower diminishing its effectiveness.


    • Monitor Room Humidity


    Humidity can pose several damaging threats to your cannabis flower. With the right humidity levels, say, between 58 to 62 percent; your marijuana flower can have just the right moisture to seal its inherent components.

    Purchasing a humidity meter that can monitor CO2 and temperature levels is the best option, especially if you’re quite the novice in storing cannabis. You may, however, hang towels soaked in water in the room where your cannabis is stored, and this will inexorably increase the room’s humidity. If money is not an issue, you can do away with manual strategies and just go digital by purchasing cutting-edge automated humidifiers.


    • Choose an Excellent Air-Tight Container


    Don’t just pick the first glass container you see in department stores – size and functionality matters. Avoid choosing an oversized jar. Match it with the amount of marijuana you regularly store. In this case, choose a glass or aluminum container which is also smell-proof and water-proof. In addition, opt for a dark-colored container to keep the light off.

    Some use mason jars because they’re accessible. Some also go the extra mile and search for the best smell-proof and air-tight containers through online reviews and forums. These reviews will even help you find BPA-free plastic or UV-glass containers which are convenient for traveling. (Just make sure marijuana is legalized to where you’re traveling)


    • Don’t Use Plastic Bags for Storing


    Plastic has a tendency to seep chemicals and attract trichomes because of its static charge. So the more you carry your stash around in plastic, the more the two objects rub together; making the trichomes stick to the bag. Consequently, it makes your marijuana flower less potent. If you really have to store it in plastic for transmittal, you may do so but keep it as short-term as possible.

    Furthermore, plastic bags scrunch up your flowers breaking the bud apart. This might serve beneficial for rolling joints, otherwise, you want the flowers intact.


    • Store Different Strains in Different Containers


    There is a reason why marijuana connoisseurs crossbreed this magical plant. Each unique strain has different effects and if you store them all together in one container, you minimize its potency. Aromas, flavors, and terpenes must be stored separately. There is an unexplainable satisfaction in being able to smell the different cannabis aromas.


    • Keep it Discreet


    The last thing you want is for people, especially children, to know where you’re hiding your stash. Always observe utmost discretion when storing your cannabis at home. Marijuana online dispensaries pack their products in nondescript parcels, so I suggest you do the same. Avoid noticeable labels on the containers. If you have to distinguish one strain from the other, keep the labels as cryptic as possible.

     Whether you’re storing marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, it’s always an excellent idea to preserve its healing abilities through proper storage. Since marijuana has no expiration, you can enjoy its healing powers for months on end!


    • Tom La Vecchia

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