7 Must-Have Items For Spring and Summer

    With warmer weather comes a whole new take on fashion; out with the wintery tones and heavy coats and in with light pastel colors and denim jackets. There are a few absolute must-have items that every fashionista needs to have in her wardrobe to see her through the warmest months. Read on to find out what you might be missing.

    2018 is a year to be daring

    We already know that 2018 is the year of art and design in fashion, so bring all of the originality and flair you can to every outfit you put together. At least one of these seven items should form the staple part of each look you build, so you can always be on-trend this year.

    Design Tote

    A bright, graphic tote bag is the perfect accessory for summer. Big enough to throw all of your loose items into while being lightweight and easy to carry, it’s the versatile bag of choice for fashion girls everywhere.

    Quirky Sunglasses

    No summer outfit is complete without a pair of stylish sunglasses on top. Whether you favor the cat eye style or aviators, there are so many different shapes and colors to pick from you are sure to find just the right pair. Take a look at these various different Michael Kors sunglasses for inspiration.

    Dungaree Dress

    Denim is always a great look for summer, whether worn as a jacket, shorts or skirt. This year we are particularly smitten by the denim dungaree dress: pair it with a light plaid shirt for a messy, arty look or a scoop neck tee for something more casual and cute.

    White Plimsolls

    Simple, white sneakers are the ultimate summer footwear. Enormously versatile and compatible with almost any outfit, they look great while being comfortable to wear all day long. Take a look at Vogue’s top picks to help you pick the right style for you.


    So this one is a slight cheat as it may not be an item of clothing or accessory, but it certainly is something you should be wearing throughout summer! Long gone are the days of sunscreen being synonymous with thick pastes that leave a bad white cast; instead opt for a lightweight gel that can sit comfortably under your foundation. Dry, damaged skin is not a good look – your future self will thank you!

    Retro Athleisure

    With the renewed popularity of classic athletic brands such as Puma, Adidas, Reebok and Ellesse, there’s never been a better time to invest in some on-trend athleisure wear. From sporty leggings to crop tops and hoodies, you can easily bring a sporty edge to any summer look.

    Straw Hat

    Ever practical, fun and quirky, the straw hat is a summer staple. Opt for a floppy style to compliment a floaty dress or a boater to pair with shorts or trousers. Their light weight and sturdy build make them great accessories even during the city rush hour.


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