6 Reasons Why Winter Really Sucks

    The snow is all fun and games until the Holiday season is over. Snow is fun and pretty until you have to shovel it, drive in it, or walk through it to get to work. Then the snow gets dirty, slushy and really unappealing. Not to mention the freezing temperatures are brutal and often make us wonder why we don’t move to Florida…These are some reasons winter might possibly be the worst season:

    1. It gets dark as early as 4pm.

    from Google Images
    from Google Images

    You feel more tired and like you wasted your day. By the time you get out of school or work it seems like it’s already time to go to bed. And driving becomes a more dangerous task because well…it’s night time driving in the middle of the day

    2. Starting your car in the morning is a long process…

    from Google Images
    from Google Images

    You now have to clean your car off and defrost it before you can go on your merry way.

    3. Can’t get to Starbucks when there’s a blizzard

    from typepad.com
    from typepad.com

    I hate not being able to get my morning coffee. And snow and freezing weather make it impossible to get to your favorite coffee shop, either because it’s inaccessible or because it’s just way too damn cold to get out of the car.

    4. Dry hands that crack

    from suave.com
    from suave.com

    This is absolutely the worst. No matter how much lotion you use, your hands look dry and scaly. They get irritated and itch and sometimes even crack as if you’re getting a paper cut

    5. Snow and ice makes commuting a whole lot 

    frm media.npr.org
    from media.npr.org

    There are so many accidents happening in the snow it’s unbelievable. Snow is really just not safe at all. You might as well hibernate in your home for the winter months and come out when  flowers start to bloom.

    6. Lots of snow makes it difficult to be a tourist

    from media.syracuse.com
    from media.syracuse.com

    The winter holiday season is a nice time to spend on vacation, however, unless you’re going to a mountain resort, the snow will only make your travel plans harder. Either flights are delayed or cancelled or it’s too cold to do some well deserved site seeing.

    I think it’s time to move to Florida now….palm trees and beaches here I come. Just have a Pina Colada ready for me!

    In the meantime……STAY WARM! Mother-nature can be really cruel sometimes


    • Tom La Vecchia

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