6 Proactive Security Measures for Your Upcoming Music Event

    So, your passion for music has brought you to a place where you are considering launching your DIY music fest?

    Well, that’s good news. It’s more like sharing your personal playlist with others and watching them join in as you unleash your favourite beats. But do you know how you can make this event a success?

    Organizing a music event is fun and all, but it requires proper planning and above all, ensuring the safety of your guests. 

    As the host, the important part of your duty is to ensure that the venue is secured and everybody is in a safe environment. 

    To help you sail through the security challenges, we are sharing 6 ways to ensure proper security at your next music event.

    Perform A Risk Assessment

    When you start planning your event, the first thing you must do is identify potential security threats. Since you are hosting a music event, security risks will be much lower than that in a politician’s campaign. 

    But still, you must not take it lightly. Consider the type of audience you are targetting/ expecting. How many people will be present at the venue? Are you inviting some special guests or a guest DJ? 

    In case of a high profile event that involves celebrities and VIPs, a lot of journalists and media people try to access the venue, which is a high-security risk. Besides that, a large number of guests and attendees mean evacuation subject to an accident, will be difficult. 

    So, before you hire security services, determine and evaluate your security needs.

    Install CCTV Cameras Inside And Outside The Venue

    The next most important thing you need to do is install CCTV cameras inside and outside the venue. Make sure they are placed in such a way that they are visible.

    Focus on the important things; i.e. prevent accidents from happening in the first place. When intruders or trouble makers see your security devices and preparations, they won’t try to enter or create a ruckus.

    Furthermore, visible security measures will make the attendees feel safer.

    Place Security Checkpoints Far From The Main Entrance

    Another way to keep your people protected and venue secured is to create different security checkpoints in the vicinity of the gathering. This way, whenever someone enters the site, they will have to face security personnel.

    Instead of placing the security check post just outside the venue’s entrance, put it a few hundred metres away. This way an intruder will be stopped much before they enter the premises

    Have A Back Up Plan Ready

    Always have a backup plan at hand.

    Although if you take careful precautions, the chances of an accident happening will be minimal. But you cannot risk not creating an emergency plan.

    Your plan should declare what everybody should do in case things go south. Other things to include are:

    • How will you signal the attendees in case of an emergency?
    • What are the safe exit points?
    • What should attendees do after exiting?
    • Different ways of evacuation?

    Vet The People You Hire

    We believe that, most of the times, security risks are posed by people from the inside. It’s sad but true. That’s why it is important to scrutinize and vet your staff before taking them on board. This will help ensure they are reliable and intend well. 

    Try to break the ice between the members if they seem cold with each other. You must focus on building a strong team so that everyone works together and communicates effectively, especially in case of an emergency.

    Hire Security Guard Services

    If you think the music event has high-security needs, consider taking help from professional security guards. 

    Search the web for the best security services in your area; based on your budget preferences, interview the top 3 of them, and choose the one that suits your requirements. Don’t forget to ask them if they carry necessary security gear with them, like handcuffs, guns, flashlight, baton, pepper spray, digital cameras, handguns.

    When you hire professional security guards to handle the security of your event, you minimize the risks. Qualified security agents can perform a better risk assessment than you. Since they have adequate knowledge and experience, they can handle all kind of security emergencies effectively.

    Final Thoughts

    Ensuring safety at a music event can be a difficult task. And with already so much on the plate, you may find yourself stuck at some points.

    In case that happens, follow the above-mentioned tips, and rest assured, your music event will be a success. 


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