6 Powerful Anxiety-Reducing Natural Remedies

    It is difficult to wrap your mind around the modern world. Digital realm has seeped into every aspect of our culture with such speed it is nearly impossible to deal with the societal consequences. Oversaturation of news combined with public scrutiny through social media has ramped up our stress levels to unbearable heights. Thankfully, solutions to such a predicament are plentiful, and in order to battle the long-term consequences of chronic stress, take a look at these 6 powerful anxiety-reducing natural remedies.

    Exercise regularly

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    Have you ever turned to binge watching shows and playing games to ameliorate stress? Such activities create an illusion of comfort but they in fact make matters worse. The glare of the screen coupled with time-wasting nature of such activities compound with everyday stress triggers. However, if you simply get off your couch and begin exercising, you can “sweat your stress away”. While this rings of insufferable platitudes exclaimed by gym-nutters, it is actually a fact. Hitting the gym for two hours, three times a week is one of the best natural remedies for stress. If you are not in shape yet, you can begin with long walks, preferably with friends to keep your company.

    Pour your heart out

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    While we are on the topic of walking with friends, people can turn into powder kegs of pent-up stress because they simply do not express their grievances enough. Honest conversation about the issues that plague you will deflate your anxiety balloon as long as somebody is ready to listen to your woes. It’s no wonder that confessions had such transformative effects on people through history.

    While therapy is always an option, nothing can beat a night of long conversations with your best friends who knows everything about you. People are social animals, so true friendship is legitimately one of the oldest natural remedies we know.

    The treasured CBD oil

    Camaraderie is in our very nature, so it only makes sense that true friendship solves a lot of life’s issues. Nature has a way of balancing things out and we have always found answers for our ailments by unlocking biome’s marvelous secrets. It therefore surprises nobody that certain plants have properties to treat anxiety.

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    CBD consistently proves to be one of nature’s most treasured unlocked secrets for reducing stress and pain. If used responsibly, CBD (cannabidiol) oil can undeniably improve your quality of life. However, make sure that you are well informed about its properties and serving sizes before purchasing CBD oil, because cannabis plants and their extracts are not created equal. For example, most CBD oil is a refined extract of the industrial hemp that contains only negligible amounts of THC, the psychoactive substance that was the root cause of “reefer madness”.

    Valerian and a world of thousand solutions

    Keep in mind that most plant-based products are supplements. They should accompany a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins that incrementally reduce stress over time. A necessary daily dose of magnesium, zinc and vitamin-B complex might not make a noticeable “dent” in your stress levels immediately, but they will over time.

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    In addition, you can rely on at least one cup of chamomile tea a day as the 2018 study has shown that it alters cortisol levels. Valerian has been renowned as a dramatic anxiety reliever just like the hemp. Its extract known as valerenic acid has been used to treat stress, insomnia and even muscle tension since times immemorial. However, be forewarned: it should not be mixed with other sleep-inducing drugs.

    Essential oils

    Aromatherapy has been a go-to solution for alleviating anxiety after a long workday, and employing essential oils might be just be the ingredient you need. Essential oils are typically sniffed directly from the bottle or rubbed onto one’s body, but they can also be added to the bath or dropped into a plate filled with water to fill a room with the alluring scent. Cedarwood extract is known as one of the most suitable essential oils to reduce stress.


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    Anxiety has concrete physical consequences. Apart from skin lesions, raging allergies and stomach problems, it also keeps your muscles tense. In the long run, untreated muscle tension can lead to the irreversible postural disorder. It’s a given that a weekly massage can do wonders if you are anxious. A thorough, long rubdown will keep your blood flowing and your muscles relaxed, so its positive effects are both physical and mental. It’s like killing two flies with one blow!

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    If anxiety plagues you on everyday basis, you should find consolation in the fact that your options are numerous and you are not a lonely victim unrelenting stress. In fact, you’ll hardly come across anyone in the 21st century who hasn’t dealt with anxiety. However, a well implemented strategy and a few natural remedies can easily turn things around. You might not reap the benefits tomorrow or in a week, but the more you persist with pursuing solutions the better you will feel. Perseverance is humanity’s greatest asset.  


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