5 Must-Know Do’s and Don’ts in Data Recovery

    In this digital era, data is at the heart of every organization. Data loss is considerably annoying and frustrating for almost everyone. Therefore data recovery has become increasingly important. In this article, we are going to look at 5 crucial notices involved with data recovery.  

    Before we talk of data recovery, we can’t go without mentioning data backup. It is until we fail to backup our data that we end up with data loss that, which calls for data recovery. When a data disaster occurs as a result of your PC hard drive malfunction, you can achieve hard drive recovery with effortless ease.  

    Therefore do not look down upon the importance of data backups. However, even with backups, your data is not 100 safe, because there are also high possibilities of backup failures. In this regard, it is crucial that you get some knowledge on data recovery for such disaster preparations.

    Here are the 5 important do’s and don’ts  when handling data recovery process:

    1. Prevent overwriting data

    At the onset, when you encounter data loss like file deletion by accident, you should stop performing anything on your storage device. In actual fact, when you delete a file from your PC, the file is just ascribed as “Deleted” instead of removed permanently.

    Basically, the file exists invisibly. Therefore if you want to recover the file, ensure that the storage space occupied by the deleted file is not occupied by other files. This will increase the chances of a successful data recovery. Thus, avoid overwriting data at all cost to ensure you retain higher chances of recovering back your data should disaster knock your door.

    2. Keep a consistent power in the recovery process

    If you have resolved on performing the recovery process by yourself, then you must adhere to this badly tiny rule. That is to ensure persistent power supply throughout the recovery process. It is for such conditions that we recommend you contract professional data recovery services who have all these conditions set in their labs. When you experience power disconnection in the process, various unpredictable consequences may take place. The consequences could be much more dreadful than you can imagine especially with SATA hard drive that is delicate and requires professional handling. This is likely to corrupt your data more and reduce the chances of recovering your data.

    3. Don’t recover data on your original hard disk

    Based on the principle of the first notice highlighted above, you should never recover data on your original hard disk as well. Meaning, if you plan to recover data on disk A, do not write new data to this original disk. Else, the original data will be covered.

    4. Don’t format or scan the hard disk

    Occasionally when you encounter data disasters, such as disk failures, you may receive some onscreen suggestions recommending that you fix your disk by CHKDSK. Sometime, it may prompt you to format the hard disk in order to reset it. However, these two proposals should not form part of your fist resolve.  Apparently, the formatting, repairing and scanning process is just a way of writing new data. When you do it, be informed that your data will be overwritten.

    5. Use a reliable data recovery software and resort to professional advice

    Honestly, the data recovery process is not as simple as a recovery software. It demands that you must have relevant knowledge and tools. Otherwise, take note that if you make any single mistake in the recovery process, then you will bid farewell to your lost data.

    Final Thoughts

    These five crucial points are very useful when you experience data loss and you need to recover your data. Therefore, it is advisable that you be cautious with the process and seek services from the hard drive recovery experts to help you retrieve your lost data due to reinstalling OS, accidental deletion, hard disk corruption, formatting, or any other reason.


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