6 Cutting-Edge Plastic Surgery Trends You Will Want To Try

    Did you ever want to become a better you? You’re not alone. The plastic surgery world is all about creating a body that suits your vision of the ideal “you.” Whether it’s a better nose, a nicer face shape, or even just rewinding the ravages of time, cosmetic surgery is popular because of how much it can transform a person’s life. 

    We decided to take a look at what some of the newest trends in plastic surgery are, thanks to Dr. Philip J. Miller of Rhinoplasty New York. Check out the newest tech people have been asking for…

    • VR and AR Previews. In the past, doctors used to use specialty software to give people a two-dimensional preview of what they’d look like after they have surgery. Tech has improved since then, and our doctor was able to tell us what it was like to become one of the first adopters of this new technology.

      So far, he has seen this tech being used in the operating room as well as during consultations. Dr. Miller says, “Augmented reality is the new wave of the future. This technology is already proving itself to be incredibly useful in the medical world. In the future, you will see most doctors use this to improve their services—cosmetic or otherwise.”

    • Jeuveau. Move over, Botox! Jeuveau is the first new neurotoxin treatment to be approved after the cosmetic surgery giant, and it’s already gaining massive traction. The treatment works exactly like Botox, and delivers the exact same results. The only difference is the lower price.

    • Excel V+ by Cutera. Do you have busted veins, hyperpigmentation, and scarring spots? If so, you’re going to love Excel V+. This brand new treatment gives you the spotless skin you’ve always wanted to have, without the hassle or burns that are common with chemical treatments.

      This laser treatment has become a go-to for people who want a simple way to get rid of complex problems.

    • Cheek Injections. This procedure has gained the loving nickname of a “tweakment,” because of how subtle yet striking the effects can be. By using dermal fillers to add volume to your cheeks, you get away more youthful appearance as well as a more rounded face. 

    • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. If any trend has shown serious staying power, it’s this one. Non-surgical rhinoplasty uses dermal fillers to add volume to your nose and change the shape. The results are almost immediate and last for up to a year.

      For people who want rhinoplasty but can’t afford to take time off for surgery, this trend is bound to be the one you want to try. This is currently the most rapidly-expanding surgery in his office!  We’d love to hear what you think about these new and exciting trends.


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