6 Beauty Trends You Need to Try

    The world of beauty is ever-changing and dermatologists are always finding a new way to improve their results. That’s why new cosmetics constantly hit store shelves, why spas regularly roll out with new treatments, and why Hollywood always strives to stay one step ahead of the curve.

    With the rapidly-changing face of the beauty scene, it’s not surprising that beauty trends change every year. Finding out what’s going on in beauty isn’t easy. In most cases, trends are not usually trendy by the time they hit major magazines or get mentioned on television. To be on trend, you usually have to know someone in the upscale business.

    At Long Island’s Virtual Skin Spa, staff members regularly end up being privy to the newest trends before they make headlines. We decided to ask Theresa Pinson, Virual’s Owner what Long Island’s most glamorous people are asking for—as she was happy to oblige us with the answers.

    1. Fillers For Your Booty

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    Have you been considering getting gluteal enhancements as a for of plastic surgery, but just don’t want to risk complications or can’t afford it? There’s another way to get that beautiful round butt you so desire. Beauty experts have started to use Kybella to add volume to women’s behinds, often following it up with skin-tightening laser treatments to add extra life.

    Along with being more affordable, this combination of treatments has proven to be far safer. If you are concerned about surgery complications, this is a great option. Better still, it lasts a total of two years and is impressively quick to perform.

    2. Cellulite Treatments

    Around 95 percent of all women have cellulite, so it’s not surprising that new cellulite treatments are taking a major turn for the better. Recently, dermatologists noted that the filler known as Sculptra has a marked improvement on stretch marks and cellulite.

    This is because Sculptra has compounds that increase collagen production. When collagen is produced, skin is able to better heal from trauma that causes stretch marks and strengthen itself against the causes of dimpling in cellulite.

    3. The Kylie Jenner

    Remember the Kylie Jenner challenge on YouTube? This is nothing like it! The Kylie Jenner is a specialized lip injection procedure that’s designed to give you lips that look naturally full and pouty—just like Kylie Jenner!

    The Kylie Jenner lip procedure remains one of the most popular among youthful clients at Virtual Skin Spa, and it’s easy to see why. It offers up Instagram-worthy results with minimal timing.

    4. PRP Facial

    Another major beauty trend that Virtual has started to notice is the PRP Facial—also made popular by the Kardashian crew. This facial, also known as the “Vampire Facial,” uses Platelet-Rich Plasma injections at key points throughout your face to give you a naturally rejuvenated appearance.

    The results are very unlike anything you’ll see in a typical facial, in the sense that it’s known to rewind time in a way that’s been likened to Botox. You’ll love it.

    5. Probiotic Skincare

    Last year, everyone who was into beauty was fascinated by the purifying nature of activated charcoal. As far as skincare products go, the new big trend that staff members at Virtual Skin have noticed is an uptick in probiotic skincare.

    Probiotic skincare is known for using “good bacteria” to help clean out pores, reduce breakouts, and even fight the effects of aging. As the months progress, you should expect to see more probiotics hit store shelves.

    6. Non-Invasive Rhinoplasty

    Credit: Instagram

    This is another popular procedure that has become a subtle favorite in Hollywood. Stars simply don’t have the time to take breaks between their busy schedule just so that they can get a nose job. They also don’t want to risk a botched placement, or worse, complications that can arise from rhinoplasty.

    Nowadays, people are starting to use dermal fillers to get the same effects as rhinoplasty. The procedure is safer, more affordable, and only takes minutes to perform. It’s not surprising that it’s become so popular, is it?  To learn more, go to Virtual Skin Spa in Long Island and New York City.


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