5 Considerations When You’re Hiring A Security Company

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    Every company has different needs according to the size of the business. Depending on the physical space as well as the number of people you’re employing will necessitate the level of security you require. You may have sensitive data that needs to be protected against intrusion or you may have high-value stock that is at risk of being stolen. You may also have some security weaknesses around your premises that can be breached. The following considerations need to be thought about before hiring a security company. 

    1.   Can The Security Company Offer The Relevant Number Of Guards That You Require?

    When contacting the service provider, they must do an assessment to conclude how many security guards will be required for your business, including 24-hour operation. 

    1.   Does The Security Company Have An Excellent Community Standing?

    Reputation is key when obtaining the services of a security firm to take care of the safety aspects of your company. Don’t be hesitant in asking questions. Inquire whether they have client references. A professional won’t hesitate to provide you with contacts. Also, check social media for customer testimonials or complaints before deciding if they are a reputable company.

    1.   What Type Of Training Do They Provide For Their Guards?

    In addition to checking the reputation of the chosen security firm, it’s also useful to check accreditations and training of the guards. BS7858 vetting is a required UK standard for anyone who is employed in the security industry. BS7858 screening is pioneered to ensure all safety standards are kept and that security company employees who work with sensitive information are adequately vetted.

    1.   Is The Security Company Suitable For Your Business?

    Many agencies that employ security guards aren’t inevitably specialists in providing security guards. If you care about the safety aspects of your business, it’s vital that you shop around in your area for a specialist, locally based security firm that provides manned guards. Hundreds of companies provide security guards but make sure they have the best manpower for what you require. It’s better to go with a company that truly specializes in the field of security guard manpower.

    1.   How Much Is It Going To Cost?

    While it may not be the best solution to hire the company that has the lowest bid, depending on their qualifications, you must ask your favored candidates the following questions:

    • How frequently will you be billed for the services? Will it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?
    • Will they be charging a flat rate, a fixed hourly rate for each employee or a different hourly rate for all employees? (It may be more accommodating to your budget if you only require seasonal help, part-time or for events).
    • Does the business provide uniforms, or will your business be responsible for covering the cost of uniforms, supplies, and equipment?
    • Are there any add-ons that the company provides to you at no additional cost?

    There are many factors to consider, and it will not be in your best interest to choose a low-ball figure that may end up costing you in the quality of the guards or the caliber of services assigned to you. 


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