5 Top Casino Magazines You Must Read

    Casinos are the most trending ways to make bets with your money. There is a lot of information available on the Internet about them and about $50 free no deposit required Australia 2022, but the best information is provided through magazines. These magazines focus on certain topics that will widen your horizon relating to casinos.

    So, if you are a casino fan, there are some top casino magazines that you should not miss out on. Continue reading to learn about the magazines that will give you the best knowledge and reviews about casinos.

    Reasons for Reading Casino Magazines


    Why should you choose a magazine to get the best information about real money casinos? Here’s why:


    • The famous magazines are written by the experts in this industry, and that makes the information more refined and useful.
    • They provide you with correct reviews of the casinos. Reading reviews before getting into the sites for playing games.
    • Online websites can be a selling model many times, and that makes it hard for the customers to rely on their reviews.
    • A reputable magazine builds the confidence of the reader before getting into the game.


    If you are a big fan of casino betting, you have to resort to magazines to choose the casino websites you will play on. The magazines get published a lot of times in a year, which is one plus point as it will help you be in the loop with recent casino trends and websites.

    Casino Player and StrictlySlots 

    This magazine has been in the gambling industry for the past two decades. It is known for providing the players with the latest news and updates about casinos. The articles found in this magazine are based on the events and news of this industry, which are found in Borgata’s casinos and hotels chain. It also contains expert reviews on the best live casino options that the players have and the best casino games you should try.


    StrictlySlots is the sister magazine of CasinoPlayer as it belongs to the same publication house. It also focuses on providing information about video poker games and slot games. They are known for providing the best news and suggestions on Video Poker games, online slot games and their features. The magazine is available online as well as in a hard copy version.

    Casino Life And Business Magazine 

    This magazine publication house focuses on the business news of this industry. The best news related to the tournament, upcoming events and championship events is provided to the casino players by Casino Life and Business Magazine.


    It also provides the people who work in the industry with information related to finances and the updates that take place in casino businesses. They provide you with news that relates to mergers and acquisitions, financial reports and new launches in the industry. This way, you can stay updated about what is going on in the field and how it will impact your game in the near future. It may also help you with how it will affect your hobby. It guides you get an idea about what is going on behind the curtains of the gambling industry.

    Card Player Magazine 

    If you are someone who is a big-time fan of card games such as Poker, online or offline, this is the best magazine for you. It has been in the market since 1988 and is one of the most loved and read magazines by the crowd of casino players.


    You need to buy a subscription to this magazine, and you can enjoy the interviews with the best Poker players and news on the ongoing and upcoming tournaments. They also provide you with the best strategies to strengthen your game.


    The magazine has a website associated with it, which is known for providing great information. It provides updates on the games through blogs and sometimes even coverage of the game. You can use the website to see the interviews on video and get tips from the best ones.

    Casino Style Magazine

    Most people read magazines to get information about online casino slots and gaming websites. This magazine is known for providing information about offline casinos as well. It is one magazine that stands out by not only focusing on the gaming aspects of casinos but also other aspects.


    The articles consist of information on the best interior and architecture of the casino setting of a land-based one. They move forward to suggest designs that could help enhance the offline casino gaming experience. They also try to keep the readers up to date with the trends in the industry, online as well as offline. They also talk about the game shows that have been transformed into casino games.

    Casino Life

    This is one magazine that caters to the management crowd of this industry. They address their articles to the owners and managers of the online and offline casinos. They provide the latest news on events such as exhibitions and conferences that will help the professionals get an idea about the opportunities they can bank on and the products that they can mobilise on to provide their players with.


    They move forward to include interviews with the best players in the industry and have articles that are based on responsible gambling. They also make players aware of the owners’ issues while running a casino business, as it is one of the most trending ways to bet in the gambling industry. The casino industry is going to get even bigger in the future. You should always keep an idea about what is going on in the industry as it can be a source of income for you or a source of entertainment.


    As a casino player, beginner or pro, you should be up to date with the industry’s effects on the economy as well. These magazines will help you get an idea of all the aspects that are considered in the casino field. They play a major role in the economy and contribute to it mostly.


    The best way it impacts the economy is by providing employment, and magazines are the best way you can get an idea about them. They also help you with the information that you need as a new player or a new manager of a casino website, or the manager of a land-based one. Always be rest assured that these magazines will provide you with reliable information from the best industry professionals. So what are you waiting for? Get your magazine subscription today and get hold of all the information you need to know about the casino industry today. Do not let the Internet deprive you of the accuracy of the information you deserve.

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