5 Tips For Keeping Your Matte Lipstick On Point

    Even before Kylie Jenner broke the internet by launching her Lip Kits, beauty lovers everywhere were already all hyped up over the matte lip trend, and now, the obsession is just continuing to get that much more real. While we used to be all for glossy pouts, now, they’ve taken the backseat to matte lips, and to be honest, we are not mad about it.

    Although glossy lips are sure to grab attention, there’s just something about a nice matte lip that pulls together a look. Being both subtle and bold at the same time, matte lipsticks offer the best of both worlds—plus; they’re long-lasting. Still, some matte lipsticks do have their cons.

    While matte lipsticks do wear for a long time, they don’t all necessarily always wear well. Many matte formulas are extremely drying, which means that they can be can be the culprits for cracking our lips even more than they already are. Ugh!

    But, if you aren’t about having chapped lips, don’t worry, we aren’t either. We’ve got good news: you don’t have to ditch your new matte lip just yet. To forget about the flakes and move forward throughout your day with your lipstick looking fresh, just to check out our top tips below!


    Even if your lips seem smooth, there’s bound to be some dead skin hanging around. Before applying a matte lipstick, exfoliating is a must. Grab your favorite lip scrub and get scrubbing. If you don’t, the matte formula will be sure to cling to any cracks and accentuate them, which is a no-go.

    1. HYDRATE

    While you probably think that matte and moisture don’t go hand-in-hand, the truth is that for best results, they should. After exfoliating, it’s crucial to apply a lip-balm to add some hydration back to your lips. Allow the balm to sink it before applying your lipstick, this way there won’t be any shine ruining your matte look, and your lips will remain looking smooth all day long, too.

    1. PRIME

    Typically, bleeding color occurs with creamy or glossy formulas, but when it does happen with a matte lipstick, it’s even more annoying to fix. To play it on the safe side, apply a lip primer directly on your lips before applying color to make sure it stays put.

    1. CONCEAL

    To make your matte lipstick pop, dab a little bit of concealer on your lips to cancel out your natural lip color. This way, when you do apply your lipstick, it will show up bold and as true-to-color as can be.

    1. LINE

    To keep things nice and neat, apply some lip liner along your lip line. Whether you use a shade that matches your lipstick or one that’s natural-hued, either will do. The lip liner will help further create a smooth base for your matte lipstick to lay on top of and keep it in place throughout the day.

    VOILÁ! Now pucker up and take the perfect selfie because your lips are officially #GOALS.


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