5 things you can do online (that aren’t social media)

    Social media tends to dominate the average person’s time spent online. Unfortunately, it can be tough to forget that there are other activities you can do online. With 4.7 billion people using social media, it can feel like this is the heart and soul of the online world.

    More and more people are looking to slash their time spent on social media. To help provide you with some additional inspiration, here are some ideas for what else you can do online.

    Read a book

    Upgrade your knowledge and stop staring at Instagram by reading a book. Amazon already has a Kindle version designed for both your desktop and laptop.

    Deciding to read enables you to confront the problem of a declining attention span. Pick your favorite subject or explore something new with a brand-new book.

    If traditional authors aren’t for you, you can also start reading some blogs to get some new perspectives on the important matters of the world. Even many prominent news networks are producing long-form content the length of a short book.

    Bet on your favorite sport

    There’s nothing like sitting down to watch your preferred sport. However, you can make game day even more exciting by betting on your favorite sport.

    According to WSN.com, many of the top sportsbooks have forged deals with major broadcasters to enable them to stream live sports to their customers. This also helps sportsbooks because it makes it easier to encourage in-play betting.

    Make sure you learn the ropes to know how to bet, what to bet on, and the dos and don’ts of successful betting. The last thing you want to do is throw your money away needlessly by chasing losses or getting too emotionally invested in your wagers.

    See sports betting for what it is: a chance to have fun by taking on a little action.

    Play online video games

    Turning down your social media activity can be tough if you are extroverted and love having people to talk to.

    An alternative to social media can be an online video game. Online gaming is not only a fun way to while away the hours but an opportunity to make some new online friends.

    Whether you want to join a competitive game like League of Legends or Call of Duty, or a more casual affair such as World of Warcraft, there’s guaranteed to be a game for you. With a constant slew of updates and new creations from large studios and independent developers, this is an intriguing world to begin exploring.

    And the online capabilities of modern games have never been more advanced. Video gaming has never been more popular, and it’s because it brings people together in a way like no other.

    Learn a new skill

    One of the top reasons why people are looking to avoid social media is because they believe it’s not a productive use of their time.

    Productivity is a big priority for many people because they want to advance their careers and their personal lives. The Internet is a hub for learning practically any skill under the sun. With free and paid courses alike, you can join a class and learn something new.

    Some examples of skills you can learn online include cooking, drawing, painting, coding, graphic design and even singing.

    With so many options available, and something to suit any budget, there’s no excuse not to spend your time more productively online.

    Create your own content

    Why not add to the ever-growing mass that is the Internet?

    Content creation is a chance to spread your creativity, get more productive and potentially transition into forging your own brand. Content creation is a broad term for anything that people may find some value in.

    Some people decide to write books or start their own blog, whereas others want to start a YouTube gaming channel or launch a podcast on a subject close to their hearts.

    Regardless of your goals, content creation is your chance to become a leader rather than a follower. Sharpen your skills and spend your time online providing content for others instead of being exclusively a consumer.


    To an increasing number of people, social media has become a drain on their mental and emotional resources. With bad news swirling and toxicity pervading practically every social media platform, resetting your priorities and spending more time away from social media enables you to do something different.

    What do you like to do online, away from social media?


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