5 Steps To Convert Your Room Into A Recording Studio

    Before the advancement in recording technology, musicians, singers, composers, and producers had to travel to pricey commercial recording studios to quench their thirst for music. But with today’s technology and dropped recording budgets, music lovers have gone DIY, thereby, converting their homes, rooms, and garages into recording studios.

    Are you a musician at heart, considering setting up your home studio?

    Transforming a room into a recording studio is a challenging task.

    And so you can sail through those challenges, we are sharing 5 steps that’ll help you pull off one stunner of a recording studio.

    Choose The Right Room

    If you live in a one-bedroom kitchen, the choice of room is simple. But, if your household has two or more rooms, you will have to consider a few factors to decide the perfect room for your recording studio.

    Here are a few things you must consider:

    • Avoid small, cramped spaces. The bigger the room, the more area you have to place your instruments.
    • Avoid rooms that are the worst noise offenders. (Pick the quietest room with no outside disturbance).
    • Avoid rooms with carpeted flooring as carpets absorb high frequencies but not the low ones. Choose the room with hard flooring.
    • “Poor acoustics of the room can impact the music quality”, says a famous acoustic design consultant. That said, you should make sure that the room you pick is large, has high ceilings, and irregular surfaces. Don’t expect a room to have perfect acoustics. Improvements can be made later on by adding acoustic treatment.

    Clear The Room

    Once you have selected the room you are going to use as the recording studio, it’s time to revolutionize it.

    • First things first, declutter the room. Discard the things you don’t need.
    • Remove things off the walls and on the floor.
    • Take out anything that vibrates.

    If you don’t have enough space to accommodate the discarded stuff, don’t fret. Clear off the things that can be removed.

    Add Acoustic Treatment

    Now, that you have an empty room to work with, invest in acoustic treatment.

    A good recording studio must have the perfect acoustics. You can have the best instruments and perfectly customized audio-video system integrators, but poor acoustics can still break the sound of your recording studio.

    So, get in touch with acoustic design consultants, and let them take care of the acoustical problems in your room-cum-recording studio.

    Set-Up Your Work And Recording Stations

    Now that your room has an appropriate acoustic solution, it’s time to set up your gear. 

    Let’s start with the basics. Use a chair table set and place it at the centre of the room. Call it a work station or mixing station. 

    You will also need a recording station.

    If you plan on recording alone, then you should arrange the space to suit your own needs. Since you will be running back and forth, from one area to another, you must arrange the gear/ instruments in a circle. 

    But this setup has its own drawbacks. Too much gear kept near to each other can create added reflections, which will impact the sound quality.

    If you want to record with other people, you need a standard dual setup.

    • Mixing station for the engineers. This area will have a mixing desk, studio monitors, audio interface, etc.
    • Recording station for the musicians. It will have microphones and other instruments.

    Connect Your Instruments

    If you have limited instruments at the moment, connecting them would be pretty simple. As your collection of instruments grows over time, you will need to develop an understanding of how it all fits together to form a single system. 

    Wrap Up

    And that’s it. You are done transforming your room into a recording studio. 

    It’s finally time to get in the groove and record some amazing music.


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