Super Bowl LIV By The Numbers

    Super Bowl LIV (54) comes down to the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco Giants.  The numbers behind Super Bowl LIV both on and off the field are astonishing:

    Top 5 Super Bowl Facts for 2020:

    • $5,706: The average cost of a ticket to the past five Super Bowls.
    • $5.6 Million: The average cost for a 30-second commercial during Super Bowl LIV (up 107 % since 2008).
    • 1.4 Billion: Chicken wings will be eaten during the Super Bowl weekend, plus at least 11 .2 million pounds of chips, 8 million pounds of guacamole and 10 million pounds of ribs.
    • 1 in 2: People would sacrifice their vacation days for one year to watch their team win the Super Bowl. More than 1 in 3 would give up their annual bonus.
    • 22.7 Million: American adults are likely to bet on the Super Bowl, legally wagering a record breaking $325 million.
    Check out the Super Bowl Fun Facts Infographic:


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