5 Quick Tips That Will Totally Keep Your Manicure Game On Point All Summer 16′

    There’s no season quite like the summer where everyone is obsessed with being #OnPoint. When the weather warms up, the clothes come off, the bodies are out and everyone goes above and beyond to look their best.

    But, even if you’ve spent all winter working out, there’s one thing that no girl is prepared for come summer — the terrible toll it can take on our nails.

    From chlorine altering our nail polish from pretty to putrid, and rough waves chipping away at our color, the summertime can wreak havoc on our nails, and we are so not down for it.

    So, to save the day before you have your next manicure meltdown, here are our favorite 5 tips to keep your nails looking fresh all summer long:


    While summer is generally a time to rock some neon nails, no worries if that isn’t your thing. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a dark polish in the summer, but to make it more season-appropriate, try going for one with more of a glossy finish. Trust us on this one!


    There’s nothing the summer is notorious for like knocking our nail polish off nearly right after we’ve applied it. Just like our hair, our nails also absorb water, which means after beach and/or pool days, our manicure is more likely to lift up and wear away.

    If you want your manicure to stay put during your fun in the sun (who doesn’t?!) we recommend going for glitter and/or gel. Have you ever noticed that glitter nail polishes are more difficult to remove than regular polish? That’s because they have more consistency to them, which makes them less likely to budge. The same goes for getting a gel manicure, because if you’ve gotten one before, you already know that once it’s on, it isn’t going anywhere.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.05.29 PM


    Between heat and chlorine, the summertime is filled with things that just love turning our nails yellow… which isn’t necessarily the cutest look. To avoid your manicure taking a turn for the worse, try prepping your nails with not one, but two layers of a base coat. Seriously, that one extra step will go a loooong way.


    If you want your nails to stay put during the summer, but you’re not really down with gel or glitter polishes, it’s time to give vinegar a go. Yes, we said vinegar. Vinegar removes any oils, so if you put a little on your nails before you begin painting, your base coat and nail polish are bound to last longer. You’re welcome!


    Let’s be real here: in the summer we are on the move more than ever because there’s just so much stuff to do that sometimes painting our nails just isn’t a priority. To keep your nails looking on point even when you’re sans polish, pop some whitening toothpaste on them and gently scrub just like you would do with your teeth. This way, even if you don’t have time for a manicure, your nails will still be looking fresh.

    Summer nail game strong.


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