5 Must-Haves for Coffee Lovers

    For coffee lovers, caffeine is more of a lifestyle than a daily indulgence. Coffee addicts are known to frequent local coffee shops and to have the latest brewer in their own homes. There are so many fresh ways to drink coffee today, whether it’s in an insulated mug or through an eco-savvy metal straw. It can be a challenge to know where to even begin when it comes to boosting your coffee game.

    This list of top 5 must-haves is perfect for all types of coffee lovers. Whether you’re just starting to get into drinking coffee or you’re looking for new tools for your home brewing arsenal, this list has something for you.  

    1. Coffee Subscription Services

    While you can find subscription services for just about anything nowadays, coffee subscriptions are really a force to be reckoned with. If you’re wondering what coffee subscription services are, basically it’s a monthly subscription where you’ll receive a selection of hand-picked coffee right to your doorstep. Depending on your service, you’ll have a say in the type of coffee you receive, or you’ll receive the best picks from coffee experts.

    Coffee subscriptions are perfect for both coffee beginners and coffee experts. Since many boxes allow you to try new types of coffee from a variety of roasters, you’ll have the chance to taste new flavors and discover your favorites. If you’re tired of your grocery store’s selection, it’s time to broaden your horizons with a subscription.  You can also engage a coffee machine rental company.

    2. Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

    If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a mad scientist, now’s your chance. You’ve probably caught a glimpse of glass coffee makers in specialty coffee shops, but you probably didn’t know how easy it was to use these in your own home. It’s as simple as buying the right filters and pouring in your favorite grounds and hot water.

    Not only does the Chemex coffee maker look like a piece of art on your counter, but it won’t break the bank. Unlike more expensive coffee brewers, this one runs at just over $40. But be warned: once you taste coffee like this, there’s no going back.

    3. Milk Frother

    You probably won’t be able to master latte art like the pros at your local coffee shop, but that doesn’t mean you cant try. Milk frothers are cheap and don’t take up much room in your kitchen, but they completely transform your morning cup of joe.

    So how do you achieve the perfect level of froth without a fancy espresso maker? Use one of these stainless-steel frothers which run on batties, and simply boil your favorite milk or use a microwave. Then, froth the milk with your new tool and pour on top of your drink directly. If you want to get fancy and attempt a design, try using a spoon to create layers and shapes.  

    Image via Unsplash

    4. Disposable Coffee Bags

    Storing coffee can be a complicated process if you don’t have the right supplies. While it’s okay to keep your coffee beans or grounds in the containers they came in, whether that’s a tin or a plastic bag, these don’t do anything to preserve the quality as they sit on your counter.

    When beans are roasted, they undergo an oxidation process. This means they’re exposed to oxygen, and that leads to a chemical process that removes the aroma and acids that give coffee it’s flavor profile. Disposable bags help keep your coffee from going stale. Ideally, you’ll only use freshly roasted beans, but that’s not always an option.

    An airtight coffee bag built with a degassing valve will keep oxygen from the container after sealing it without allowing outside gases inside. Not able to use disposable bags? Any airtight container will do the trick as well as long as you store your beans or grounds in a dark place. Just make sure you use up your coffee as quickly as possible.

    5. Mug Warmer

    Nobody likes to rush through their favorite cup of coffee. Sometimes, you just need to sip and enjoy throughout your morning. Nothing is worse than drinking your coffee only to find out that it’s gone cold. That’s why a mug warmer is a must. Not only do these mug warmers function as a coaster, but they’ll keep your coffee at the perfect warm temperature for hours. No more stale coffee!

    Are you ready to take your coffee habits to the next level? These coffee must-haves will give you new ways to enjoy your favorite brews, whether you’re on your first cup or your third. Taking your coffee seriously means a better flavor every time.

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