5 Gifts Expectant Parents Would Love For This Holiday Season

    Christian musicians, Bryan and Katie Torwalt are celebrating a lot of amazing gifts this Christmas season! One of those being that Katie is pregnant! The couple provided us with gifts they think are perfect for any expectant parent.

    At 20 weeks pregnant with our first child I can in no way claim to be an expert on all things baby gear/gifts, but I will say as my nesting increases so has my Pinterest board ! Here are a few things I’m adding to my expectant momma Christmas wish list.

    Dock A Tot : Multifunctional Dock

    For a traveling career mom this thing looks like a lifesaver for hotel rooms / tour buses etc. !

    Homemade: Meal Subscription

    Who wants to grocery shop and meal plan when you have a newborn!? I can imagine it will be the lowest on my list and I would love to have some healthy organic meals shipped straight to my doorstep when we are home from the road!

    Owelet: Baby Monitor

    Safety and good sleep are my highest priorities with a new baby, and I can only imagine trying to sleep for those first few weeks with baby will be challenging. Anything to give that extra peace of mind that all is well seems well worth the extra $$!

    Parasolco: Diaper Subscription

    A diaper subscription that comes to your door !? Need I say more ?! Not only is it convenient but they are eco friendly and adorable .

    Solly: Baby Wrap

    Solly baby wrap : baby wearing seems to be all the rage, and there might be good reason for that ! A Snuggle and getting things crossed off of your to do list all while looking cute in these wraps sounds good to me !

    We have some wonderful new holiday music out and you can check Christmas out here along with our Spotify holiday playlist! Happy Holidays everyone.

    Guest Contribution by:

    Brian and Katie Torwalt

    Please share this with friends and family of those who are expecting.


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