5 Films to Watch When You Need Some Motivation

    Worker productivity is crucial for any company, large or small since the success or failure of that company or project depends on it. However, without adequate motivation, productivity will decline and be reflected in the quality of work performed by employees. According to various studies on the relationship between personal well-being and work performance, more than 80% of workers are not motivated at work, and half of the companies do not seek to improve the situation of their employees. The motivation has to start from the being; that is, from oneself to the outside, reflecting on the attitude and the way of expressing oneself.

    Some films can affect the screens, leaving reflections in the minds of your audience; mostly motivating, lasting even after many years. Next, there is a selection of films that will help you to drive yourself at any time, showing different points of view and the qualities that the protagonists demonstrated when facing the adversities.

    As these films show, the necessary thing to start and get from scratch to where the imagination arrives is the motivation. And if the movies are not enough, you can seek help with a partner, friend or even dissertation help online services, where you can motivate yourself to take the first step to get to do what you want.

    Dead Poets Society (1989)

    It is a film that emphasizes the importance of thinking for oneself and appreciating who you are; and thanks to that, to become who you want to be, without getting carried away by the words or thoughts of others. Full of motivation, literature and mental independence, it is a film wholly recommended for any student.

    The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

    It is a biographical film based on a father, who tries to continue giving excellent care to his son while facing financial ruin and abandonment by his wife. Despite the helplessness and lack of help from society, this loving father will not give up until he finds a way in which his son, and he can live with dignity. It is a film full of positive attitudes, perseverance and perseverance despite the circumstances.

    Ratatouille (2007)

    It is a film where the protagonist dreams of becoming a great chef, however his family is opposed. Even having different circumstances against him, he will fight and undertake together with a young chef, an ambitious project that if they do it well, they will fulfill their dreams. Even being an animated film, the most attentive will not let go unnoticed that is a motivating film for all audiences and teaches the importance of perseverance.

    The Social Network (2010)

    Counting the journey of Mark Zuckerberg, a university student who created Facebook: the best known and most used social network. Even with setbacks, both personal and legal; the perseverance to get an idea to go further and be used by everyone, make it clear what kind of motivation is needed to go far. It is a film that shows the motivation and perseverance of a young entrepreneur and the scope that can be achieved from below.

    The Theory of Everything (2014)

    Based on real events, it tells the life of Stephen Hawking; a theoretical physicist who must deal with a disease that prevents controlling the movement of muscles. However, this did not stop him from dreaming of becoming a brilliant and world-renowned scientist. Overcoming, motivation and personal inspirational struggle are what this biographical film is about.

    Movies not only transport you to an environment and different times but also show and embed feelings through the eyes of the viewer. Therefore, the best way to motivate yourself is to watch a movie that shows the whole background of each person and what it is that drives you to move forward. But above all, what should be done before a problem or circumstance and how to overcome it to reach far beyond what you could imagine with perseverance and dedication.

    Each historical figure, famous or even talented, has seen the wall of unfavorable circumstances; however, before achieving anything, you must fall several times. These films demonstrate the real value of motivation at the business, student and personal levels, focusing on what is to be achieved and fighting for the result to be obtained. However, at any time you can fail, but the conviction must be active to get up as many times as necessary, and always have a goal beyond to be motivated at all times. This will change the way you see things, you will live more fully and you will realize the time you have lost while focusing on the monotony of day to day life, but that should only be another motivation to achieve your goals.


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