5 Entre-Mantras: Millionaires in the Making

    Who wants to be a millionaire? The answer. Everybody. Although, being a millionaire is becoming something extremely rare in society. By today’s standards and the cost of living, a million dollars doesn’t even seem to be that much anymore. Perhaps a home owner investment, some traveling and a bad drug habit- and poof that money is gone in no-time! Just kidding…

    Anyway, back to the point. Many individuals work their entire lives never even coming close to reaching the million dollar mark and pristine status. People trick themselves into believing that they don’t care about money or that “money doesn’t buy happiness”, and although that holds powerful validity, the truth is it does make certain life stresses much easier.

    But the fact of the matter is, “You don’t make a million dollars by accident”. If it isn’t a targeted goal, you most likely will not hit it. It takes a certain type of person to endure what it takes to set a financial goal and actually succeed it. Along my path I have come across people who have “real wealth”. I often questioned what did I do wrong? What am I missing? I work extremely hard. I go above and beyond. I am motivated. I am smart. What is holding me back from propelling riches?

    I realized it was my belief system. Underlying and subconsciously never thinking it could ever actually happen. I began to discover throughout my millennial journey common threads amongst the wealthy, young and old, and this is what I took…

    Money Makes You Forever Young: Urgency

    The top producing and best companies to work for lust after young talent. They seek out those motivational factors in a young buck with a sense of urgency in their life- to fulfill purpose. In recent headlines, Google even beefed up staff with more teens than college grads (oh yeah, and a TWEEN)! Google doesn’t focus on experience or technological advanced skills, despite everything we would think. Google factors a person’s will, drive and gusto! Young millionaires have taken full advantage of every opportunity thrown their way, so there is a need to always be evolving towards new ambitions and innovation. That is the distinction if you are serious about success.

    They Say, “Money Makes Money”. Well, It Most Always Influences…

    Behind every rich dude is an even richer, educated and wiser mentor. I have yet to discover an entrepreneur who didn’t swear by the guidance and words of another person who was exactly where they wanted to be. This pending approval presents a challenge and lights a fire within someone’s soul to think bigger, smarter and richer. It is almost impossible to grow by yourself. Just like it takes a village to raise, it takes an exceptional network of supporters. Being aware of your associates and surroundings is key. Time often is something that escapes us and can be seemingly out of our control as it tends to slip away. So make you value yours and are spending it with the right people.

    Go with Your Gut? No, Go With What Your Good At!

    Maximize your strengths. Gary Vaynerchuk once boasted, “I suck at 99 percent of stuff, but I go all out on that 1 percent I’m good at.”

    And former NYC Giant, Tiki Barber also suggested, “My hiring philosophy has always been to hire somebody who’s smarter than me.”

    Are we conditioned to think we need to become superheroes? It is crucial to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, but you’re never going to fully overcome-hence why they are weaknesses. So the best advice from young millionaires is to be accompanied by individuals who compliment their weaknesses or delegate them. You can’t become successful if you are always harping on your downfalls and how to correct them. If you have mastered one area, it is best to simply produce results and grow, but grow together. Remember, a jack of all trades may seem wonderful, but is seldom superior at anything- which equals, “Blue collar. White collar. I ain’t got no collar. Can’t afford one.” – Broke as a joke.

    Time is Money- Value Your Time As Much As You Do A Million Dollar Bill

    This is risky of course, but that’s how you get the big rewards. Take some time to really analyze if you’re maximizing your time. If you are trading time for money make sure it’s an intelligent trade. At some point, the power of scaling and leveraging leads to endless possibilities and upside. Consistent income without jeopardizing time management is imperative to exponentially deliver and grow.

    Perception & People Pleasing

    If you want to live that extraordinary life, it is time to listen to your 7th grade self once and for all. Stop caring what other people think of you. This limits your capabilities to believe if you accept other people’s opinions vs genuine critiques. A mental ability to trust your vision of how you see yourself will help you to pursue greatness- because you already see it. Fulfillment does not come from being well-liked or understood by every stranger that looks your way.

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