Why Compliance is Important For Your Business

    As an Entrepreneur, it helps to know of the latest trends  and requirements which will ensure you grow your company while thriving in the current business environment.

    Compliance is the requirement for a company to adhere to specific laws and workplace rules ad guidelines which can be local, regional or federal requirements. There are numerous areas of compliance including the right to work in your workplace which should foster equality at all times. Here are some examples of recent compliance trends for business.

    Human Resources

    When running a business youre responsible for a number of regulatory steps in this process.  First, you need to know that your new member of staff is legally allowed to work in your country. This requirement must be met with every employee, without exception.  You’re also responsible for ensuring the recruitment process is equal and fair for all applicants. Discrimination is not only demotivating to all involved, but it is also against the law.

    New Rules & Statutes

    New regulations are constantly being released as the business environment is dynamic.  An example is the GDPR directive thats been issued across the EU as a means to protect consumer data as a result of the Facebook breach. Most companies collect such data. Therefore, they are required to comply with this directive. Those who fail to comply risk harsh punishments and hefty fines.

    To get up to date on all the latest regulation, you need to keep track of business news. You can also keep up to date by engaging with e-learning sites such as Engage in Learning to ensure your staff knows the latest rules and how it affects their roles.

    Privacy Concerns

    Businesses now operate digitally. Technology has boosted productivity and made business operations far more efficient than in the past, but it comes with its own compliance risks.

    One such risk is data theft, hacking, malware or cybercrime. Criminals in cyberspace regularly disrupt businesses through digital means. Therefore, its up to you to ensure youre both aware of, and acting on, the risks of the digital world. Compliance with data security regulations is expected across all businesses, so its important to take the time to get up to speed and to protect your data.


    Finally, there are a large number of compliance issues in the finance sector. Therefore, its imperative you keep aware of it if you want to avoid costly legal battles. You may require the assistance of a lawyer or an e-learning platform to fill you in on the various details of these regulations. However, compliance is easy when you have the right software management. You will be able to enhance your ability to comply with industry standards by using technology which is designed to help businesses operate legally.

    Theres a reason why compliance is a business buzzword of the moment, it’s the right thing to do and its also the law.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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