5 Awesome ECig Tips and Tricks for Beginners

    Is it your first time trying vaping? Do you want to know how you can make your ECig last? 

    Vaping is becoming more popular, especially among young folks. Still, it’s no excuse to learn everything from your peers. The internet has some of the best first-time vaping tips, created for the cool people who don’t need to ask their friends for a basic tutorial.

    Read on for an ECig guide that focuses on the most important ECig tips for first-time users.

    1. ECig Tips: Protect Your Vape 

    Let’s start our ECig tips list with proper protection. You may often vape on-the-go or bring your vape outside. Keep your ECig, accessories, and juices protected.

    Wrap your vape with a bandana before you place it in a bag. Do the same with your e-juices. This helps you keep bags and purses safe from leaks and damage. 

    1. Know Your E-Liquids

    The choices of E-liquid that’s available to you can get overwhelming. There are VG and PG juices, cannabis E-liquid, e-juices with caffeine, and many more. You can even start steeping e-liquid to highlight its flavor.

    If you don’t know where to start, know what you want. If you want juices that give you a lot of clouds, pick juices with a high VG ratio. If you’re going after the throat hit or flavor, pick e-liquids with low VG-high PG ratios.

    Don’t forget to keep your e-liquid in a place to keep its rich flavor.

    1. Always Carry Supplies 

    You want to be ready for any malfunction or on-the-spot maintenance issues. Keep extra batteries and extra coils. For those who often go out for the entire day, this is an important tip.

    Don’t forget to pack up cleaning supplies. This way, you can clean your vape on-the-go in case you start tasting nasty buildup or burnt flavors. If you like switching between flavors often, it’s better to get an extra tank so you don’t have to clean between flavors all the time.

    1. Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

    Losing your sense of taste is alarming, especially if you’re a lover of food-flavored juice. A lot of e-cigarette users get the vaper’s tongue, a condition where you can’t taste flavor anymore.

    This is not a serious condition, but you can avoid it by drinking lots of water. It’ll also be smart to switch to a new flavor now and then. You can always go back to your favorite flavor after a while.

    1. Correct Maintenance Is Key 

    For the last of our vaping tips, we want to highlight how important it is to clean your vape mod. Make it a habit to clean your vape often, especially if a mod undergoes heavy use. Regular cleaning for your ECig is your best way to increase its longevity and keep it functional.

    Learn to change your coils, clean your battery, and empty and clean the entire e-tank. Clean coils give you a clean flavor with no burnt aftertaste. Disassemble and clean your e-tank at least once a week to avoid nasty buildup and leaks.

    Enjoy Your Vaping Experience

    That’s our list of key ECig tips and tricks for beginners. We hope you picked up something useful in this vaping guide.

    If you want to see more vaping tips and tricks for other levels of experience, check out our other guides right here, today!


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