4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Winter

    It can often feel like summer is the absolute peak of the year – those months when activities are abundant, the weather is warm and a kid is never too far from some source of entertainment. And then the winter hits. The soccer fields and playgrounds freeze over, and it appears as though the only thing a kid can do is lounge around the house, bored.

    That’s not the case – at least it doesn’t have to be! There are lots of fun activities to keep kids entertained throughout the colder months, indoor and outdoor activities that mix exercise with creativity. This post will look at four fun ways you can keep your kids’ spirits high, even as the temperature drops.

    Go Skating

    Not only is skating a great way to get the blood flowing, for both adults and children, but it’s a lot of fun as well! It teaches children balance, poise and, most importantly, confidence. There is nothing more satisfying to a kid than unlocking a new achievement, and once they get the hang of skating, they will be brimming with pride. Find a rink in your area, and either rent skates from the rink or buy your own; here is a list of the best ice skates for kids!

    Have Fun On The Trampoline

    A trampoline in the winter? That’s right! Provided that you get a trampoline that’s winter-resistant, one that has ample rust protection like a Springfree Trampoline. There really is no reason why your kids can’t enjoy this fun form of exercise year-round. When shopping for one, remember that the best trampolines for kids are safe trampolines, so find one with a flexible enclosure, hidden frame, and no sharp springs. The last thing you want during the winter is an injury! Remember to dress your kids accordingly for the weather, and supervise their jumping.

    Make Some Holiday Crafts

    It doesn’t matter if the holidays have passed, or if they are a few months in the future. Get into the festive, creative spirit by making holiday crafts. Crafts are a great form of applied artistic expression, and have been proven to help in children’s social and intellectual development. Make a winter wreath out of leaves and sticks; make a DIY snow globe using a Mason jar and some glitter; or cut out some classic paper snowflakes.  

    Build A Pillow Fort

    Let your child flex their imagination by creating a big pillow fort! On those winter days when it’s far too chilly to play outside, bring the play inside; stack couch cushions and hang blankets to make the coolest fort on the block. Helping your kid with their pillow fort can also be a great bonding experience, so make sure you get in on the fun as well!

    Don’t let the lousy weather be an excuse for boredom. Either get outside for some fun exercise or stay indoors and flex your creative muscles. With some craft supplies on hand, some pillows, a pair of skates and a safe trampoline, you can make this winter every bit as fun as the summer!


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