4 Tips on How You Can Maintain Your Vinyl Floors

    People renovate their homes to upgrade the space. Renovations are often worth it when the home has experienced excessive wear and tear. However, as nice as the results are, renovations are expensive, and they often replace aspects of the home that can still be used.

    Properly maintaining your home is the best way to keep the pristine look without the added expense of changing out floors that are still serviceable. Your luxury vinyl flooring can last longer with these four tips:

    1. Clean the mess as it happens. The biggest issue with vinyl flooring is to maintain the original finish. The first thing you need to do is prevent stains. Stains happen when a substance, often wine, coffee, and ink, gets trapped in another material, like fibers, wood, or other surfaces.  When spills happen, go in quickly with a damp rag before the colors of the substance start to settle in. To catch those spills before they happen, have a rag ready in spaces that are prone to messes.
    2. Avoid harsh cleaners and brushes. Besides stains, another source of damage can come from the way you clean your floors. When you clean your floors, opt for a mop or rag instead of hard brushes or steel wool. Hard brushes can cause scratches and strip off the finish of your vinyl flooring. When the stains don’t lift with your mop, try a rag or a towel and focus on the area. Do not use harsher cleaning solutions when the stain does not get removed.
    3. Adjust your cleaning solution to the kind of stain. Using harsh cleaning solutions might remove the stain, but it may also remove the panel’s original color as well. When your regular soap and water, or your cider and water, do not work try to determine what kind of stain it is. Switch up your cleaning solution to baking soda, WD-40, nail polish remover, oil, or dishwashing soap depending on the stain. Afterward, go over the area again with your original cleaning solution and then you are good to go.
    4. Add rubber stoppers under your furniture. A preemptive measure to keep your floors scruff free is to make sure your furniture has cork or rubber pads. The best way to avoid marks is to carry things over it, be it furniture, boxes, or other heavy items. However, we aren’t always in the best shape to do all of it or it isn’t the most convenient way to move things around. Corks or rubber pads will keep your furniture stable while preventing harsh marks on your floor when moving your furniture around. If you are looking for a temporary solution because there are no rubber pads on hand, make use of cut out cardboard as a quick fix.

    With these tips, there is no need to go renovating your floors anytime soon. A well-maintained home is just as impressive as it was when it was first made.


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