4 Effective Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Retail & eCommerce Industry

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    Most business owners in the eCommerce world know and understand that they have many competitors to deal with. Few, however, understand the extent of that competition and the impressive rate at which it is growing every day, with more companies joining the playing field in an attempt to build a retail empire and earn the throne of their industry. To fully appreciate the crowd you’re running with, let’s look at the numbers: not counting China (because that wouldn’t be fair), there are between 2 and 3 million Ecommerce businesses in existence, their numbers constantly growing. Providing a memorable, mention-worthy customer experience on such a densely-packed front can be, mildly put, a challenge. 

    Between trends that disrupt Ecommerce on a regular basis and time-tested growth techniques, business owners often aren’t certain where to look to find the best solutions to their online troubles. To help you on your quest of delivering a stellar customer experience each and every time someone stops by your online store, here are a few methods you can add to your strategy and allow your brand to grow even further.

    Aim for customer-specific relevance

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    Personalization has become the buzzword of the industry, and too many Ecommerce businesses either take it for granted, or they misinterpret their current efforts as forms of personalization. Keeping in mind those millions of businesses trying to compete for the attention of similar target groups to yours, not taking advantage of proper, well-developed personalization techniques makes you a far less interesting brand for your audience. 

    To put it simply, personalization is now miles away from its humble beginnings in the form of using someone’s first name in an email. To personalize your eCommerce experience, you need to get to know your customers through piles and piles of data, to use their preferences and embed them into every single offer you make. If they’ve perused your site, send them discount offers based on their search history on your site. If they’ve placed an order, send them a token of appreciation in the form of a product you know they love – the surprise alone will be more than enough to generate word of mouth marketing and inspire them to come back for more. 

    Develop a seamless shopping site

    Retail stores range from the kinds that sell exclusive, one-of-a-kind items in limited numbers, all the way to those that have hundreds of products listed in their online menus. No matter where your own eCommerce store belongs, your website needs to be spotless in terms of design, usability, and SEO.  In this oversaturated market, there’s no room for slow-loading sites with spammy ads. To avoid these mistakes, it’s best to team up with professionals such as the Only SEO Gold Coast agency who will make sure that your website is running smoothly.

    Even if your store ticks just one of those “no can do” lists, your online business could be in trouble. Retail brands today need to rely on top-of-the-line eCommerce web development to ensure a smooth, seamless shopping journey for their clientele. That means that everything from selecting the right eCommerce platform to developing a well-optimized site is a top priority for modern digital retailers, and it lies in the hands of skilled developers who understand the market and know the ins and outs of the platforms you can use.

    Keep your checkout clean and simple

    A part of that website that deserves a separate mention is the checkout journey. Minimalism has never felt so at home as in this particular part of the customer experience. The less your customer has to do, the fewer clicks it involves, the happier the shopper will be. No mandatory account creation, no unexpected fees added when they reach the final page, no need to re-enter all data when they come back to the store.

    To make even further use of your checkout, you can post products that belong in those famous categories such as “people who bought that also bought this”, “similar products”, and “complementary products.” Make those offers as appealing as dipping strawberries in chocolate, and your cross-sells and up-sells will soar.

    Focus on evolving your customer support

    customer support

    Digital businesses have one major flaw – they are inherently impersonal, hence difficult to relate to. As such, they need to find creative, diverse ways to transition their image of “an online store” into “my favorite brand” in the eyes of their customers. The greatest asset you should use in the pursuit of this goal is your customer support crew. They are the “human” link that can give your eCommerce brand a relatable voice and a helping hand, both of which are a must in the retail industry.

    For starters, let your entire website become an extension of your customer service. Use your FAQ pages to provide helpful guidance, while your AI-based chatbots can give immediate, unbiased responses with a touch of personalization. Finally, educate your customer service agents to represent your brand properly, via phone, email, or instant messaging platforms, and the experience you provide will become incalculably better in the eyes of your customers. 

    In summary

    Providing a stellar customer experience is an ongoing process that cannot afford a standstill. As a business in the eCommerce industry, you should always be prepared to find new ways to make your customers happy, one innovative solution at a time. Hopefully, these tips can serve as a foundation for your strategy and give your customers the impeccable experience they deserve.


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