4 Benefits of Nebulizing Diffusers and Essential Oils

    As people, we tend to spend a good amount of time indoors. This is especially true during the winter when the cold air outdoors drives us inside to work and function in a comparably warm environment. The problem: this sealed up air is no different than the canned recycled air we find on a long distance flight. This atmosphere can get stuffy and uncomfortable. An air purification method is just the thing we need.

    Fortunately, we can use nebulizing diffusers and essential oils to improve our indoor quality of life. Here are four benefits of nublizing diffusers and essential oils:

    Purifying The Air

    Unlike average air freshening aerosol spray, an essential oil diffuser will not release harmful compounds into the atmosphere they purify. Unlike a scented candle which applies an open flame, essential oils can be diffused by an electrical apparatus with no risk of candle spills or fire.

    Essential oils can be added to a diffuser that offers special benefits such as killing bacteria controlling fungal presence or providing a delightful aromatic effect. Some of the essential oils chosen for their anti-bacterial, antifungal and antibiotic capacity include, oregano, thyme and clove essential oils.

    Reducing Dust

    One of the best ways to control allergens in your home is too keep dust levels low. Dust is a combination of many compounds and is often relatively sticky in nature it has a tendency to catch hair, pet dander and other particulate matter in its vicinity. Still it can be easily thrown into the air where these airborne contaminants will be a health hazard for those with allergies and sensitive respiratory systems.

    Dust mites are a common house pest that can contribute to respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies. Simply running a feather duster over these affected areas can often exacerbate the problem by kicking everything into the air. A diffuser can help to eliminate that problem with airborne particles in a similar way as a Himalayan salt lamp does — through it ionizing effects.

    As the positively charged ions are replaced by negatively charged ions, they release their hold on dust particles and drop to the floor. If you have ever noticed, the air quality always seems fresher and cleaner near a river, lake or the ocean. These are the ionizing properties of the large bodies of water on the surrounding area. A diffuser provides this same fresh clean air in the comfort of your home.

    A Better Night’s Sleep

    Getting enough sleep at night is an issue that affects more than 70 Million insomniacs in the United States. Poor sleep habits are often a sum of several sleep-depriving element like malnutrition, chronic pains, stress and lack of exercise.

    What few people fail to realize is that sleep is as crucial to their health as a good diet or adequate water consumption. According to the National Sleep Foundation experts, a grown adult, between the ages of 24 – 64, needs a full 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Those older than 65 should be getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

    Those who are not getting their full recommended sleep times are bound to be suffering in other ways than just restless tossing and turning at night. Poor sleep can eventually lead to poor mental health, reduced cognitive performance and even weight anomalies. Because good metabolism depends on good sleep, it is not uncommon for poor sleep habits to be accompanied by considerable weight gain.

    The good news is that Mother Nature’s own apothecary has already supplied some of the finest and most enjoyable sleepy time agents and sleep enhancers in a number of herbal presentations. Using a nebulizing diffuser in your room as you are preparing for sleep can allow you to address many of the obstacles that are keeping you from nodding off peacefully. Lavender is one of the most potent sleepy time essential oils but also bergamot, sandalwood and ylang-ylang are beneficial in promoting good rest and sleep.

    Boost Your Mood

    The spectacular ways aromas connect with the limbic system can be used to alter states of mind and even adjust the mood for the better. A recent study suggested that anti-anxiety medications could actually be contributing to cases of dementia, which is another good reason to consider and essential oil as your go-to mood boosting remedy over some petrochemical-derived pharmaceutical that addresses one condition while causing 20 more.

    It seems too good to be true, but pleasant aromas have a powerful way of boosting positivity and cheering up a gloomy soul. A recent study showed that bergamot essential oils are especially good at banishing depression. A study was performed in 2008 on a group of hospice patients who were obviously distraught about their conditions. After a daily hand massage using bergamot essential oils, many of these patients began to see great improvements in their mood and showed less signs of depression.

    Another study in 2011, also highlighted the mood boosting powers of bergamot essential oils. This time the researchers chose one of the most grueling “mind-fields” known to humans, the elementary school classroom. Veteran teachers of this stressful situation were provided with bergamot essential oil inhalation plan to see if it would reduce the stressful conditions. Not only did the treatment prove effective against stress but also reduced the physiological symptoms of stress and had a profound effect on those already suffering from anxiety conditions.

    Diffusing a fragrant essential oils throughout your home is not just for those days when you feel low and down. Any get together among friends or family celebration can be enhanced with a positively uplifting aromatic oil. Aromas play a major role in the way we form memories and emotional models we apply later in life. This is why we feel so happy and comfy when smelling grandma’s apple pie or cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. Use your essential oils to set whatever tone you’d like. Create happy and productive board meetings, inspiring work environments, cozy family dinners and sensual passionate date nights.

    Keeping Illness At Bay

    Your nebulizer can be used to keep your home and office safe from viral and bacterial attacks that can strike at any time. Essential oils contain highly potent antimicrobial and anti-bacterial that can have a powerful neutralizing effect on airborne pathogens of all types. Some of these same essential oils also have a potent effect on boosting the immune system and increasing the protection from infectious diseases. Want to learn more?

    Convinced? Check out these scent diffusers and enjoy all of the benefits.


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