How To Shop Jewelry Online Without Getting Duped

    Whether you are shopping for yourself or choosing a special gift for a loved one, finding the perfect piece of jewelry online can be a daunting task! As with any purchase, when shopping online it is worth doing your research first. Jewelry is such a personal purchase that is often enjoyed for many years, so you need to know all your options before you commit to the final purchase. Here are our top tips to help you find your perfect jewelry pieces and to ensure that you don’t get duped in the process!

    Check the metal

    If you want your jewelry to last, you must always look for precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum. If in doubt, be sure to question the metal composition of each piece because some jewelry brands do use inexpensive base metals such as brass and copper with only a thin layer of precious metal plated on top.

    Well made solid silver and gold jewelry pieces can last you a lifetime, but your budget may not always stretch to solid gold. If you love the look of gold but not the price tag, try gold vermeil pieces which are solid sterling silver with a thick layer of plated gold on top.

    As the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice! So to keep your jewelry looking pristine for years to come, precious metals such as silver and gold can easily be restored to their original shine, whereas base metals tend to lose their luster with time.

    Check the seller

    Jewelry is an expression of your character and can be passed on from generation to generation, so it is worth spending a little time researching the online retailor to ensure that the jewelry you choose will stand the test of time. The history of the seller gives you some idea of the after sales service, so be sure to choose an online jeweler that has a proven track record and will be able to deal with any repairs or jewelry cleaning services that may be required in the future.

    Jewelry is a very tactile purchase, but it is often difficult to gauge the weight and quality from an image online. Make sure you check the sellers return policy in case the jewelry isn’t what you expected. Most jewelry e-tailors will operate a 28-30
    day return policy in case you are not fully satisfied with your choice. However, it is worth checking the returns policy for earrings as some sellers will not accept returned earrings in case they have been worn.

    Most jewelry purchases will invariably involve a few questions, so having some form of online customer support is key to finding the perfect item. Jewelry brand Muru opt for a personal approach by publishing their phone number on their homepage and actively encouraging their customers to pick up the phone if they have any questions.

    Check your size

    As with any clothing purchase, knowing your size is crucial to finding the perfect jewelry piece. This is particularly important when buying rings as you want the ring to be perfectly snug on the finger without cutting off the blood supply!

    You can find out a person’s ring size in 1 of 2 ways. Either by using a finger sizer to measure their finger or using a ring sizer stick to measure a ring that already fits their finger perfectly. If you want your ring purchase to be a surprise, simply purchase a ring stick online and measure the size of your loved ones favorite ring without them knowing.

    Finding the right length necklace is a much easier process and most reputable online sellers will show wearer images of their pieces for you to gauge size and scale.

    Check the reviews

    Most established online sellers will have clear and visible links to a third party review site, so it is worth taking a moment to read about other people’s experiences with the company. Both Facebook and Google also collect independent reviews on sellers, so it is worth checking each platform to check that there are no skeletons in the closet! A company’s social media channels are also a great way to see how active a company is within their industry. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the places where a company communicates with its customers most, so if you can see a long period of inactivity on their timeline, you need to ask yourself why!

    And finally, before you checkout…

    Once you have decided on your next purchase, be sure to search for any available discounts before you checkout. As well as the usual voucher code sites, Facebook is a great place to find special offers and discount codes and you’ll find that most jewelry companies do offer a discount for your first order.

    But beware! High ticket items like jewelry are often hand-made to order and we have heard stories of fake sellers selling non-existent products with a 60 day delivery period. This 60 day period gives online fraudsters the chance to collect payment from a number of people and disappear with your money! So be vigilant and always do extra research on jewelry sellers that offer a “made to order” service that requires full payment in advance!

    And don’t forget… once you have received your jewelry, make sure you leave a review. It’s precisely this type of feedback that makes the internet more transparent, thwarting the fraudsters and unearthing the hidden gems!


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