3 Underwater Stones That Sink Relationships and How to Avoid Them

    Building and maintaining a relationship is difficult, but exceedingly rewarding. That’s why you should be extra careful and deal with any subtle issues that can lead to a disaster later on. Remember, there isn’t a relationship without problems. What defines the strongest and most loving couples is their ability to solve them and become stronger for it.

    3 Subtle Issues That Ruin Relationships

    1. Complaining about your partner to others

    It’s normal to want to discuss your relationship troubles with someone not directly involved. This can give you a new perspective and help you work through your personal issues that might contribute to the problem. However, there’s a big difference between seeking advice from a therapist or close friend and calling your mates to complain about how worthless/useless/aggravating your partner is being.

    That kind of ‘talk’ doesn’t provide you with a workable solution to the relationship problem. Instead, it shows off that your relationship is so weak, you are willing to belittle and humiliate your partner in the eyes of others. If that’s the case, why are you keeping it up?

    In case you truly want to save your relationship, look for good advice and always talk about your partner with the respect they deserve. Remember, some issues are meant to remain intimate.

    2. Ignoring medical problems

    It’s a sad fact that the people today are less healthy than they think, or so says the CNBC. Many of health issues can affect relationships. There are several layers to this problem:

    • Conditions that affect the relationship directly.
      These range from crippling diseases and disabilities to more ‘subtle’ issues, like erectile dysfunction, infertility, etc. The best way to deal with this problem is to identify the condition as soon as possible. So seeking immediate medical help when you notice something off and going to regular checkups are a must.

    You can also take a proactive role and try preventing these issues with natural supplements, dietary changes, etc. Today doctors can help identify the conditions you are at most risk of developing. For example, if it’s erectile dysfunction, as it is for most men over the age of 50, taking Erexa-tropin and adding maca root, oysters, and ginger into your diet will be good preventative measures. For women who are afraid of infertility, maca root combined with whole-fat dairy and an extra-dose of vitamins are a must.

    • Economical and psychological consequences of disease.
      Bills, tantrums, depression, necessary lifestyle changes, and a dozen of other issues that occur as a result of disease all affect your relationship. It’s true that many of them break under this pressure. What you need to deal with these problems is professional assistance. Couple’s therapy as well as counsel from financial and medical experts will be necessary for both partners. This will allow you to understand and adapt to your new situation.

    Whatever the case, remember that you should never blame your partner for the issues caused by his/her health. People have no control over disease and the best (and only reasonable) thing to do when faced with it is to persevere.

    3. Not giving your partner space

    Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking second together and exclude all other people from your world. In fact, that’s obsession and not love. Healthy socializing, as well as some solitary time, are necessary for maintaining one’s psychological and emotional health.

    Therefore, you should provide your partner with opportunities for either. And they should do the same for you, as any relationship must be based on equality.

    Note that giving the other person space also means that you must never go snooping through their things. Each of you has the right to keep some things private. Thus, you have to trust your partner and show this by not doubting them.


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