2018 Web Design Trends: Adding a Video to Your Website

    Web design has made a multitude of changes in 2018. And one of the biggest trends we’ve seen lately is a website with video background. Designers have started to use this trend in order to keep their viewers engaged and involved with the web page.

    Marketers like to use video backgrounds because it gives their site a modern look and has an appeal that static websites can’t measure up to.

    And there’s some proof that this method works! For instance, it gives a 138% increase in user engagement and conversion when switching their homepage to a video background.

    Keep in mind that this high figure is made by business optimization professionals who create high-end websites for a living. This means that not everyone who creates a DIY website will see the same level of success, just by including a video background on their website.

    However, having a 10%-20% improvement in website conversion and engagement isn’t unreasonable, even if it’s for website owners that have no professional assistance.

    How Can I Add a Video Background To My Website?

    If you’re using WordPress, there are two different ways that you can include video into the background.

    1. Video background plugins
    2. Using themes that support the video background.

    If you’re planning on creating a website with a video background, we suggest that you test it out to see how it works. And, make sure that the video is compatible with your WordPress theme. This will prevent your design from conflicting and “breaking” your site.

    Alternatively, check your website’s theme to see if it has a video background function apart of the design. If so, then it’s very easy to activate it.

    However, if your website theme doesn’t have a video background function, you should change it to a theme where the function is already built-in. The only issue is that you’ll have to change your website theme to a new theme. We suggest that you weigh in your options and pick the one that suits your page the best.

    How Videos Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Search engines LOVE websites with unique content, whether it’s a new blog post, fresh copy, a press release, or a custom video. Each time you add new content, all of your search engine rankings will increase gradually.

    You can help increase the search engine bump by using the using the targeted keywords in the description, video tags, and the video title. Don’t just add your video on the website, create a YouTube account to maximize your SEO rankings fully and have no duplication issues.

    Additionally, you can maximize the enhanced SEO by sharing your video via social media links. Basically, having a website with video background allows you to increase your ranking on Google’s search, leading to more traffic in the long run.


    In the end, if you’re going to make a website, try including a video. This will help differentiate yourself from the competition and help your viewers stay interested in your web page. To receive the best results, use a team of designers to help you plan, create, and refine your page so that it’s appealing to your audience.


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