How to Sleep Better When You’re Sick

    We all have gone through that phase when the nose is badly stuffed and breathing turns out to be an extremely difficult task to perform without feeling an unbearable pain. Let’s admit that the worst thing about catching flu or common cold is the part when you are tossing and turning in the bed, making endless failed attempts to have a peaceful sleep. Because there is no instant way of curing these common winter ailments, one has to rely on the enormous amount of bed rest and fluid intake in order to get back to normal. Having a severe fever makes also takes a toll on the quality of sleep as it becomes very tough to fall asleep when the body feels like burning. Here are 10 simple tips for you to sleep better when you’re sick:

    1. Do not skip the prescribed medicines and dinner: First things first, take the dose of medicines as per the doctor’s prescription and do not forget that it is almost impossible to sleep with an empty stomach. So, make sure to eat something healthy when you’re sick because your body would be running low on nutrients and energy.
    2. Have a bowl of chicken soup: Studies have shown that chicken soup is one of the best remedies for cold symptoms as it contains anti-inflammatory effects which let you fall asleep comfortably. The steam of hot chicken soup helps in clearing out the nasal passage so that you can breathe in a proper manner. Also, it helps you stay energized as well as hydrated.
    3. Try saline rinse for congestion: Because of the fact that the common nasal sprays can be having drying effects and can also turn out to be habit-forming, it is better to choose a saline rinse as an effective method to get relief from congestion. For this, take some warm salt water in your hands and snort it a few times according to your comfort level.
    4. Cure the cough: Coughing makes it very difficult to sleep so it is suggested that you trying gargling with warm salt water to soothe the throat. Apart from this, you can also try honey to calm your cough as honey can give you a lot of relief from a sore throat.
    5. Take a hot and steamy shower before going to bed: Researchers have shown that taking a hot shower before sleeping can be proved to be extremely beneficial as it helps in relaxing the body as well as the mind. Apart from this, the steam also helps in clearing the nasal passage so that you can breathe easily and enjoy a peaceful sleep later on.
    6. Avoid stimulating medicine: Some of the medicines are known to have certain ingredients that can end up taking a toll on your sleep making it extremely difficult for you to fall asleep. If you’re not completely sure about the contents of any medicine and the effect that it is going to have on you, the best way is to consult the doctor before just popping the pill carelessly. Most of the cold and flu medicines are known to contain alcohol that can make you have a fragmented sleep rather than a restful one.
    7. Try essential oils: Essential oils like Lavender oil are known to have amazing relaxing properties and can help you to have a peaceful sleep. Just drop some drops of a suitable essential oil on your pillow and let the scent do its magic.
    8. Maintain a suitable room temperature: The room temperature plays an important role in helping you sleep better. Try to maintain a comfortable temperature that feels soothing and can let you have a peaceful sleep. You can use a humidifier as well if you feel the need of it.
    9. Create a comfortable sleeping environment: The sleeping environment is very crucial to decide a good sleep regardless of you being sick or not. Make sure to cut out all the lights because lights are distracting and tend to keep you awake. Minimize the surrounding sounds and unnecessary noises by turning off the electronic gadgets so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Apart from this, studies have shown that the choice of mattress also plays an important role in deciding the quality of sleep. has a detailed list of various types of mattresses so that you can choose the most suitable one for you according to the requirement.
    10. Keep some necessary items handy: Before you go to sleep, make sure to keep some of the things like tissue paper, a glass of water, cough syrup, etc. near the bed. This can be helpful in case you wake up in the middle of the night and need something to hold onto.

    Conclusion: No matter how tough it would seem to fall asleep, these remedies will have you to have a peaceful sleep and get through the night.


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