15 Eye-Appealing Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

    Caramel highlights on dark brown hair are the best way to raise your brunette hair up a notch. They enhance definition to curls and layers, lighten the entire hair colour and boost soft warmth to the overall look. You can choose to go subtle and delicate, gold or totally ombre, to include that “special something” to your shade.

    Brunettes never fail, with all those beautiful choices of caramel you have, your tresses will not look the same. Go lighter and creamy, multi-tonal or dark and rich. Lightness and dimension aren’t the only options either! Those beautiful highlights around the face can be concentrated in a soft ombre. Just go for what is right for you by trying one of these dark brown hair with cute caramel highlights.

    1. Layered Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights



    Subtle caramel highlights than run through the trimmings to the scalp are easy to maintain and look fabulous. This style works best on light to medium skin tones. Dark brown hair will also look gorgeous with these highlights. However, you shouldn’t overdo the highlights but apply them subtly.

    2. Caramel Concentration



    A deep concentration of great caramel highlights around your face livens up your entire look and is always in fashion. It can be worn comfortably by ladies with light to medium skin tones, which appear superb on warmer oranges, blues and greens. Hair that starts with dark to medium brown is an ideal canvas to add face-framing highlights.

    3. Caramel Overloaded



    Using different colors of caramel highlights alternatively through chocolate brown tresses presents much interest and touch within your hair. Again, it fits well on women with light to medium skin tones. Note that, if you want to achieve this classic color go for a partial highlight. This gives you lightness at the front and entire top of your head, letting the depth and volume underneath.

    4. Dark Brown Hair with Cute Peekaboo Caramel Highlights



    The darkest deep brown with light dark caramel highlights makes this shade scream gorgeous! It looks great on warm, dark skin tones. Always remember to use deep conditioning treatment weekly to maintain the shininess and richness of your darker tresses.

    5. Light Caramel Hair Shade



    Lustrous caramel highlights worked on bright brown tresses gives definition and beauty to natural hair. Regardless of how it is worn, either curl, waves, straight or braids your hair will be grateful. Medium to dark skin tones will rock this style beautifully.

    6. Dark Caramel Hair Color



    If you want to maintain it dark, this is the best color for you. The whole shade remains dark, while still keeping its richness and warm caramel. Skin tones that are medium to darker look great on this darker look, but manes that are medium brown are a great starting point to get this gorgeous colour. Remember to keep the beauty of your hair by having regular trims. Dusting the trimmings weekly will do magic.

    7. Creamy Caramel Hair Color



    This deep caramel with chocolate improves shine and liven up any style. It looks great on light to medium tones. However, to keep it looking great, you will want regular visits to the salon, conditioning treatments and safe color shampoo. You can consult your stylist for a more customized recommendation.

    8. Caramel Ombre



    Dark brown hair colour with a soft caramel is one of the trending color combination these days. It is super for stretching shade appointments and staying on the trend as well. Looks great on light to medium skin tones. To maintain the blending line sleek, go for ombre highlights. This discourages straight line transition.

    9. Caramel Bliss



    This dark chocolate brown with rich caramel highlights comes up with a gorgeous hue that appears fabulous on all ladies. Just be prepared to say many thank you’s for the compliments that come with this shade. Women with light to medium skin tones will find it a great color idea.


    • Flipping for Caramel


    This is merely fun look with warm-toned highlights of caramel that brighten it giving you a warm glow. If you have a medium skin tone, you will wear it pretty well.


    • Caramel Balayage


    These soft and brown dark hair caramel highlights are styled using a balayage technique. It gives such a natural highlight that are sun-kissed. Again, ladies will light to medium skin tone will rock it great. However, note that this is not a simple hair colour to do. So, do your own research on stylist you give the job of working on it.


    • Light Brown Hair with Caramel Accents


    Including multi-tonal caramel highlights on your brown hair boosts dimension and richness that commands attention. Whoever way you wear it, whether pulled up, curled or straight it will look beautiful. It rocks light to medium skin tones. Make sure your stylist understands the idea of caramel as this style may vary on different women in terms of how dark or light or warm they want the caramel to be.


    • Caramel Highlights in Ribbons


    These satin ribbons of caramel highlights made to look heavy around the face look fantastic matched with the rich dark brown hair. Looks great on medium to dark skin tones that appear fabulous on warm colours. To maintain this look, maintain your long hair glossy and healthy. Also, consider weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment and you will see a big difference.


    • Caramel Accent


    Smooth dark brown hair hue with enhanced caramel highlights opens up the face and ideal all-year-round shade for ladies with light skin tones. However, if you want to go darker with this blonde hair to deep caramel colour, ask for the right conditioner and shampoo to maintain the colour. Using lots of shampoo will remove previous blonde hair.


    • Caramel Dream.


    Sleek, mid-toned caramel accents look exciting cascading through rich brown hair. Keeping the highlights, separate adds lost of fun and interest to the curls. It is ideal for ladies with medium skin tones. Tresses with a chocolate hue is a good starting point to get this gorgeous colour.


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